Sports Ambassador Survey

Hello, it’s Erin and Theo here! We are the St. Vincent’s Head and Deputy Sports Ambassadors and we have had a busy couple of weeks! Today, we want to discuss the survey we created. 

We recently created a survey and asked lots of children across the school to fill it out in the hope of improving Sport and PE provision at St. Vincent’s. (Thank you to everyone who completed it-your feedback was very useful!)

After collecting the data, we spent time analysing it and created pie charts to identify any common themes. 

We are very thankful to see that lots of children enjoy PE and feel confident in PE lessons.

Interestingly, ‘football’ and ‘free play’ were the most popular activities at Break and Lunchtime. Basketball and Tennis were also popular so we will make sure that we have enough equipment! It is so important to stay active 🙂


It was wonderful to find out that 92% of children thoroughly enjoy PE and these are some of their answers below: 

‘I love that we do lots of different sports’ 

‘It’s so fun being outside and working together’ 

‘I really like learning about different famous sports people.’ 

8% of children said that they ‘sometimes’ liked PE and so we thought how we could make it better for them! 

I would like to go to Westminster Sports Tournaments’ We will definitely sign up as soon as we can! 

‘I would like to do ‘dance’ All classes will do dance next year 🙂 


It was great to do the survey. We really value listening to all your suggestions so thank you to everyone who took part!

We have taken on board your feedback and will make changes accordingly.

Erin and Theo

Head and Deputy Head Sports Ambassadors


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