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Our pupil Sports Ambassadors have been working hard organising lunchtime activities on the roof and are delighted to be wearing their new ambassador badges.  To build on the good work that they have done, this term we are very excited to announce that we are recruiting new pupil Sports Ambassadors from Year 3 to 5. If you are interested in the position please write a letter to Mrs Duffy (and the team) using the criteria below as a guide. We look forward to receiving your applications.

What qualities do I need to become a Sports Ambassador?

  • Must be approachable and have a good relationship with all children
  • A positive role model and a good attitude towards learning and playing sports
  • Be able to work as a team and lead activities
  • Engage and inspire others

What will I be expected to do as a Sports Ambassador?

1. Help promote a physical activity in school

2. Wear a special ambassador badge so you can be recognised around school

3. Lead weekly activities at break and lunchtime

4. Attend termly meetings and work with Mrs Duffy to organise competitions and sporting events

5. Help encourage others to become involved in sports/ competitions

6. Have a role in assemblies e.g. awarding tokens, explaining activities and announcing winners of competitions

7. Work alongside Mrs Duffy to organise events such as Sports Day and Health and Fitness Week



6 comments on “Sports Ambassadors – Recruitment

  1. Dear Mrs Duffy and Sports Ambassadors,

    I would like to put myself forward as a Sports Ambassador for Year 3. I think I can do the role because:

    1. I am approachable and have friends in other classes as well as in Year 3. I helped some of the new children in my class this term to know what to do in their new school.

    2. I am a cheerful person and really enjoys learning using my learning powers which is also helpful in sport. Outside school I play rugby for the Regents Park Royals, cricket in the summer and tennis on Saturday once Holy Communion classes finish.

    3. I can work as a team by cheering others on and saying ‘well played” to everyone even my opponents. I also contributed to the Green Team when I was a member.

    4. I would engage everyone by suggesting games to play and I understand how important being a role model is. I know how important having a healthy diet is and would encourage others to do the same.

    Thank you all for considering me,

    Yours sincerely, Jacob Sharp

  2. Gabrielle says:

    Dear Jacob,
    It seems your letter has lots of success.Well done to have become a sports ambassador!
    Gabrielle y3

  3. Gabrielle says:

    Dear Ms Duffy and sports ambassadors,
    I am writing to you because I would like to become a sport abassador.I am in year 3.

    I really want to join it because I would love to help and be kind but I also think sports are something you really need to do each day as it is good for your health.I also really like supporting people and giving people confidence because as I have friends I have already experienced what cheering for people looks like and how important it is to support them in hard times.

    As well as supporting people I also like inventing games (and I LOVE sports!)
    so I really think this would be a great job for me.Sports day has showed me really a lot of team work and I think working as a team is really important and as we all are in a catholic school it is an important talent to have.Also naming the winners seems so fun and that will also include supporting the other children who have lost to not stop, but keep trying so that can try again to win.
    Thank you a lot
    Gabrielle Year 3

  4. Sebastian y3 says:

    Dear miss Duffy and sports ambassadors
    I would love to be a sports ambassador for year3 I think I can take the role because

    1 I am approachable because I have friends In different classes and places and use loving kind language and good relationship with younger ones

    2 I always l cheer others on and help others with learning and with disability’s and show the learning powers

    3 I can work as a team because I have good sportsmanship and lead on players in a nice way

    4 I am inspiring because I encouraged Cody to play the recorder and inspired fabi to do his work

    I hope I you think I have all the ability

    From Sebastian y3

  5. Gabriella y5 says:

    Dear miss Duffy
    I would like to be an sports ambassador as I wrote a letter as well in year 4 but never got any feedback yet.
    I would like to be an sports ambassador because I believe that I will show great sportsmanship to others and cheer them on. Also, I would make sports fun for children at lunchtime and break so that children will enjoy sports more. I will work with others as a team to make sports enjoyable for other children.

    I do not mind giving up my lunchtime or break times to organise sports for children. I love sports and I will love to participate in being a sports ambassador.
    I will show resilience,kindness,sportsmanship,friendship,a good role model and use all of my learning powers to all children during sports.

  6. Madeleine Year 4 says:

    Dear Miss Duffy,
    I would love to become sport ambassador because I love seeing my friends happy and I want to give entertainment to everybody.I would be great at this job as:

    Inventing games will be lots of fun and they can be hard games. Also I’m really into sports this year and I have friends from all over the school like y3 or y6. This shows that I have a good relationship to children. At P.E we sometimes have to work as a team so working in a team will be quite easy for me. I especially love to organise stuff so organising sports day or competitions will be so much fun and exciting.

    At lunch time I always join in the games and plank (or hula hoop) competition which are so much fun (and hard). Outside (and inside) of school I do a football club with my friends so this already give me some ideas of what to do like adding a bit where you have to steal the ball and shot in the goal. This will give others so much fun.

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