St Vincent’s once again had a wonderful sports day at Paddington Recreation Ground! All four houses (St George, St David, St Patrick and St Andrew) competed against each other in a range of exciting events: javelin and throwing, egg and spoon, sprint, 200m, rob the nest, tug of war, long jump, obstacle race and fancy dress race. The pupils showed fantastic sportsmanship and teamwork throughout the day and thoroughly enjoyed each of the events! Well done to everyone for such a brilliant day and thank you to all the parents who joined us to help make it such a special event! The winning house is to be announced in assembly next week…

6 comments on “St Vincent’s Sports Day 2023!!

  1. Alexandra Y2 says:

    I had a lot of fun! SV sports day is the best!👌

  2. Gabriella Y6 says:

    I really enjoyed sports day and I hope Yellow team wins!!! COME ON YELLOW TEAM!!!!1

  3. I really enjoyed my final Sports Day at Primary School. It’s been a pleasure to come to this school and I hope best for everyone.

  4. Graceanne y6 says:

    Sports day was the best and this year was even more fun because I finally got chosen for the relay at the end.

  5. I especially loved the relay!

  6. Sports day was so fun. I liked all of the races. Especially the relay and brothers and sisters’ race.

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