Well done to everyone for such a super Sports Day! We are so impressed with your efforts and great sportsmanship. It was a brilliant day with lots of fun races as well as competitive ones. Thank you to all the family members who joined us. 

What did you enjoy the most?

9 comments on “Super Sports Day!

  1. I really enjoyed sports day because we had lots of fun doing sports in the sun🌞.

  2. I really liked sports day because we did lots of fun games!!!


  3. I loved sports day -the sprinting was my favourite activity.

  4. I really enjoyed sports day because we played lots of games and my favourite one was the sprinting because I was 2nd place. I also really liked the obstacle course even though I was fourth place.

  5. Gabrielle🌈🌟 says:

    Dear Ms Duffy,
    Thank you for organising sports day. It was soooo fun! I really enjoyed taking part of the relay race at the end. My favourite part was running!

  6. My favourite part is about the people running the relay race in the end.

  7. Sebastian y3 says:

    I really enjoyed the day. I tried my best in all of the activities. I hope everyone else enjoyed it too.

  8. stellaY6 says:

    This was so fun.
    It’s a great way to stay fit and healthy and it was great to see all the classes compete
    (especially in the relay race)
    I congratulate red team and hope their 2022 Sports Day Victory will be thought of with pride.
    it was SUPER fun and i am sad it had to be my last.

  9. I really enjoyed sports day and tried my best in every activity.

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