Today, all of Key Stage 2 were given the amazing opportunity to spend the morning at the wonderful Winter Wonderland!

Year 6, along with their teachers and parents, had a fantastic time, going on some terrifying and exciting rides. We had a great morning together, making wintery memories with our friends.

Thank you so much to Winter Wishes for inviting us to take part in this fabulous experience. We really appreciate it and had a lovely morning. 

Which was your favourite part of the trip and why, Year 6?

29 comments on “Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

  1. Camila and Olivia🥰 says:

    Hope you all had lots of fun.
    All the rides you went to looked A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

  2. So fun 🙂 And OF COURSE my favourite part was the wild mouse (Wilde Maus) because of how fast it was and I loved the drop! I didn’t like the snow jet because it made me sick 😔

  3. It was so fun at Winter Wonderland !!!!!!! My absolute favourite activity was the Fun House, because of all of the fun obstacles. My least favourite activity was the Wild Mause, because I felt that I was going to fall off at every bend and when we plunged down my stomach felt as though it was going to do a somersault.

  4. Wow, it looks like you had a great time Y6. It looks so much fun 🙂

  5. I love winter wonderland because it was so fun and i got to go SLEDDING!

  6. This was a great experience I enjoyed it so much . My favourite was the Wild Mouse it was so cool . I loved it I wish I could go on it again .

  7. Hollirose😝 says:

    I loved the wild mouse it. Was so much fun and terrifying 🫣I also loved the snow jet which went super fast😵

  8. This was an amazing trip. My favourite ride was the wild mouse. I liked the haunted house although it was very creepy.

  9. My favourite ride was the wild mouse! It was really fun but when we were going on curves we felt like we were going to fall! Me and the person next to me were screaming the whole time.

  10. I loved going to Winter Wonderland it was such a privilege! My favourite rides were the Wilde Maus and the Snow jet!

  11. I liked the first thing we did-the ice slide. It was really fun and exciting.

  12. winter wonder land was so fun and it was the best opportunity ever.
    although everything was fun my favourite ride was the mouse trap because it was so scary.

  13. My favourite ride was the snow jet. It went really fast but it hurt my neck.

  14. WINTER WONDERLAND WAS SO MUCH FUN! My favourite ride was snow jet and the Wilde Maus. I was so happy to go.

  15. I really enjoyed I loved the wild mouse.

  16. I loved the snow jets because they were extremely fast and when we got of we were so dizzy! I am very thankful!

  17. It was so fun! My FAVOURITE RIDE WAS THE Snow jet as it went super fast. Thank you to all the teachers.

  18. Going to Winter Wonderland was so fun! I loved the haunted house and the fun house, the wild mouse was so scary.

  19. My favourite thing was the sledding and the Wilde Muas.

  20. FUN!I really really enjoyed it!

  21. i liked the wild mouse

  22. I loved it! We went on the best rides and my favourite ride was the wilde maus and I liked the spinny thing. [: [:

  23. Rex🤢🙈 says:

    It was exhilarating! The Wilde Maus was


  24. This was so much fun , we went on the incredible fun house and a huge roller coaster .I loved it.
    please can i not read my comment infront of the hole school.

  25. I loved visiting winter wonderland I had soooo much fun and loved all the rides we went on and I am really happy we went on even though it was quite a cold day.

  26. Catherine Yr6 says:

    My favourite ride was the Wilde Maus because it was so fast and exhilarating!!!

  27. my favourite ride was the wild mous! it was soooooooooooooooooo fun!

  28. My favourite was snow jet, it was so fast but so fun and I wish I could go there again!

  29. This was amazing. I’m so grateful that I got to go to winter wonder land for free. I also got to go on really fun rides such as the wild mous and the snow jet. Overall, I had an amazing experience 😀

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