This evening, our Wallace Young Curators invited us into the museum to see what they had been learning this term.

They have been focusing on portraiture and looking specifically at three key categories: tone, facial expressions and shading. By looking at different paintings and portraits in the Wallace Collection, they were able to observe and practise these skills and techniques.

The children learnt different things from different paintings with each painting giving them the opportunity to develop their art skills further. HS said that her favourite painting was ‘The Lady with the Fan’, SG said that she particularly liked ‘Mrs Robinson’, and EH saud that he enjoyed many of the paintings in the Great Gallery as he was able to compare the similarities and differences between the people these paintings.

JT taught us about the different tools you can use for shading and that, despite them being made from the same material, you get very different effects.  The graphite block is for darker shades and for covering a larger space.  The graphite pencils make sharper lines and lighter shades.

Thank you Young Curators for showing us all your wonderful work.

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  1. It was lovely to see the sketching and drawings you have done and learnt about.

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