We Built This City!

Class 5 had their final architecture workshop where they were able to take their ideas and create a model city! Everyone did a great job bringing in their recyclable materials, managing to choose which shapes and sizes would work best for their architectural dreams.

Everyone took part to create a 3D map of our local area (but with a few alterations). There were some brilliant buildings created such as the toy store, the ice cream shop, and even an airport so everyone can come and visit us.

Great job Class 5!

4 comments on “We Built This City!

  1. My favourite part of this was designing our city because we could do anything we wanted and we made all types of crazy buildings and transport to them.I learnt how much effort was actually put into building our homes and schools and how hard it really was, but we also learnt about some very cool things such as upside down houses, building that glitched and upside down trains.

  2. Celestine (year 5) says:

    I really enjoyed all three of our architecture workshops. I particularly liked the walking tour (the first one) because we got to go in the Asia house and learn all about the architecture and when it was made. What could have gone better is if we had more time!
    I also liked the second workshop where we were designing our cities. There were some really creative ideas like toy museums, ice cream shop and rocket launchers. What could have gone better is also if we had more time.
    I liked the third one too because we got to build our buildings and it was my birthday! What could have gone better is if we had more time and decorations to make our city bigger, better and brighter.

  3. This was so fun the best part working on our plans thank you

  4. I really enjoyed this project and it was so fun

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