Wellbeing Week: Being Creative

Hello St Vincent’s!

Following on from our Wellbeing Week at home, today it is time to…

Being creative through art is a great way to relax and feel happy! Art is a fantastic way to express yourself and how you’re feeling. Why not get inspired by art today!

Have a look at some ideas and competitions below to get creative…

  1. The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Show Exhibition

    The Royal Academy of Arts are holding a Young Artists’ Summer Arts Show Exhibition. You can create your own artwork and submit this work where it will be judged by artists and art professionals. Selected artworks will be displayed online and on-site at the Royal Academy of Arts and prizes will be awarded for the winning art pieces!

    Click HERE to find out more about entering!


  2. The Great Big Art Exhibition

    The Great Big Art Exhibition is being launched by Sir Antony Gormley, who is asking people to make an artwork at home and put in their window or garden. Whilst the doors to our museums and galleries are shut why not express and get creative by using your front windows, gardens or balconies to display what you make!

    Click HERE to find out more about entering and download a resource pack


  3. Show the World your Artwork

    Be inspired by other children’s artwork from the TATE gallery. You can view this and get inspiration to make your own artwork. You might like to upload it to the gallery where it may be selected to be published on the TATE website!

    Click HERE for the TATE Gallery


  4. Doodle Art

    Why not try this really fun and effective art technique. All you need is paper and some colours. Simply draw some lines with a pencil on paper and then fill in the blank spaces with colours!

  5. Window Sketching

    Choose a window in your home to get comfortable by. Use your sketch pad from school and have a go at sketching what you see! You might like to sketch the view or sketch some simple things you notice. Taking notice of the things around you can support your wellbeing. You might like to share your sketches with us!

    I hope you enjoy getting creative with art today! You might like to share below what you have been busy making!

4 comments on “Wellbeing Week: Being Creative

  1. I have tried the drawing through a window and it worked really well and it was very calming 🙂 👌

  2. Well done Lavinia! I am glad you found it very calming 🙂

  3. Lavinia😃 says:

    It was, thank you. Now I have also done the doodling activity and that was calming and fun as well, it was probably my favourite.(●’◡’●)(●’◡’●)

  4. Sounds great Lavinia, it’s lovely to see you have been enjoying the creative activities!

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