World Week Film

Usually we would be having our special World Week assembly today with everyone dressed up and lots of children representing their countries with presentations, songs, poems, dances or by playing instruments.

This year everything is a bit different so we decided to celebrate the end of World Week in a different way.

All of the children and staff were invited to create a photograph to celebrate their special country/country for this special World Week film. Thank you so much to everyone who took part and went to so much effort.

Lots of you also told me about the countries represented in your photo. Click here to read about the photos Our countries  and then see if you can spot them in the film. See if you can spot Miss Coleman too-The clue is that she has been dressing up to celebrate England for a long time!

The songs are ‘He’s got the Whole World in His Hands’ sung by the Foundation Stage Bubble, ‘It’s a Small World After All’ sung by the Key Stage 1 Bubble and ‘Every Child has Rights.’ sung by the Key Stage 2 Bubble all with Mr Rees at the piano. The Key Stage 2 song was written by Matthew Plant, the choirmaster at St. Mary’s RC Primary School in Crewe and he kindly shared it with us.

I hope that you enjoy the film. Don’t forget to go to yesterday’s World Week post to tell us all about the languages that you speak and to learn more about the languages that other children speak at home.

Happy Half Term, everyone!

38 comments on “World Week Film

  1. Miss Coleman says:

    What a fabulous film! It’s so wonderful to see our St. Vincent’s family coming together from all around the world. Thank you to Miss Siswick for coordinating this & making the brilliant film and thank to Mr Rees for the beautiful music. I love to hear our school singing!
    Great photographs everyone. I miss you all and look forward to our school family being back together again soon.

  2. Sebastiao Y6 says:

    The film was amazing!!
    Thank you to Miss Siswick for the hard work making the film!
    Have a great half term break!

    Sebastiao Y6

  3. Very nice photos. Well done. It is amazing how we can see different parts of the globe and different countries. I especially love Gosia and Basia wearing Polish, traditional, national outfit (from Krakow region).

  4. Miss Gorick says:

    Wow-what a amazing film! Thank you Miss Siswick 🙂 I really enjoyed seeing all the photos and seeing the wonderful diversity within our St. Vincent’s family.

  5. Miss Carruthers says:

    Well done everyone for sending in such wonderful photos to celebrate where you are from. It was so lovely to see all your smiling faces and hearing some of your singing 🙂 Thank you Miss Siswick for putting the video together to celebrate our World Week.

  6. Tijne and Bo says:

    Thank you for making the video it was very nice.
    Thanks Tijne and Bo

  7. Adrien year 3 says:

    Thank you ssssooooo much . What a lovely film😍 . ❗❗👍🙃😃

  8. it was amazing even though i wasn’t on it (:

  9. Wow! Such lovely photographs! Well done everyone and thank you to Miss Siswick and Mr Rees for a wonderful film and great music!
    Happy Half Term everyone!

  10. Wow, everyone is wonderful in the pictures.

  11. That was a lovely assembly! 🙂

  12. I loved the World Week Film!

  13. *+...Elsa...+* says:

    Great film! We really enjoyed it at school and everyone looked so good!

  14. The film was really good and the photos looked really nice.

  15. Mikey & Joey says:

    What a great film. Thank you Miss Siswick. We have enjoyed watching it on repeat. Happy Half Term everyone!

  16. What a super video! It was so great to see so many of you celebrating your countries and I loved some of your outfits!
    Thanks Miss Siswick for sharing this with us all 🙂

  17. Thank you Miss Siswick and Mr Rees for this wonderful montage of super photos from all over the world! A lovely way to end this term😊

  18. Penelope Year 4 says:

    WOW ! Well done to everyone ! The assembly was great !
    We love you and miss you !
    Penelope and Family !

  19. Miss Travers says:

    Such a brilliant video! I loved seeing all of the photos which celebrate the countries from around the world. Thank you Miss Siswick and Mr Rees 🙂

  20. Thank you Miss Siswick. I really loved the video -seeing myself and the rest of the others. I really love it

  21. I really liked the video it was amazing i watched it at least 6 times . I loved seeing all the different ways people celebrate in different countries.

  22. Thank you for everyone who participated it was a wonder to watch Also, a big thank you to the teachers who took the photos and who made the video. And, I did spot Miss Coleman!
    Thank You!

  23. Miss Coleman says:

    Well done for spotting me Elisa -I hope that means I haven’t changed much!

  24. Clare ヾ(•ω•`)o says:

    A very nice video! I loved seeing everyone’s outfits, I find that interesting! Thank you Miss Siswick and Mr Rees for making this lovely video, and have a great half term!

  25. Sophia and Nicolas grandparents from🇦🇹 says:

    What a super Video !👍👍

  26. What a fantastic celebration of our wonderful world! We are so lucky to have such a diverse community at our school. Thank you Miss Siswick and Mr Rees for the video! It really made me smile 🙂

  27. Mary Phillips says:

    Thank you so much – we very much enjoyed seeing all the different costumes – great photos.

    Nana and Guvnor – grandparents of Sophia and Nicolas P.

  28. Thank you everyone. What a special assembly!I so enjoyed seeing you all in your national costumes. Thank you too Miss Siswick and Mr Rees. Happy half term to you all.

  29. Beautiful video and nice lyrics.
    It’s wonderful to see how diverse and inclusive the school is. Thank you Miss Siswick and Mr Rees.

  30. It was amazing, thank you Miss Siswick for the effort put into this.

  31. Wow, I did not know how many people in our school came from so many different countries!

  32. Lavinia😃 says:

    Yes! It was really good! I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for making such an amazing production, it made my day!

  33. Its was amazing, thank you everyone

  34. This was such a great video and it made up for not being able to do it in the hall!
    It was so much fun to watch and I felt like I was going on a holiday around the world!

  35. I really liked the film thank you to everyone who took part in it.

  36. I really liked the film!
    It is amazing how we can see all of the St. Vincents family together.
    It is like exploring each country of different people and how they celebrate it. Each country in the world is special so celebrating it is the right thing to do.
    The world God made is wonderful and unique.
    We should thank him a lot.
    Bye and I can’t wait to come back to school.
    I hope nothing goes wrong.
    Thank you Miss Siswick for putting this fabulous film together.
    Thank you Mr Rees for the music. The lyrics are truly wonderful and puts a smile on anybody’s face.

  37. Thanks

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