This week in school, we have been celebrating World Week and have spent each day doing different activities…

On Monday we celebrated Spirituality Day which allowed us to connect with God. We have been focusing on our Catholic Social Teaching strand of Solidarity and Peace so we looked at the country of South Sudan. The country has experienced conflict over many years which has left lots of people to seek refuge in neighbouring countries. We had the task of finding the country in atlases and working out why the climate of South Sudan would experience lots of hot weather. We looked at a Bible scripture which had a key message of making sure that are at peace with others rather than choosing conflict. We decorated our bible scriptures with annotations and images of peace, love and hope. Some of us were even lucky to showcase our work in to the whole school in assembly.

Next on Tuesday, we took part in a very exciting breathing workshop. We learnt different ways to control our breathing by taking slow, deep and calm breathes to help us when we may be feeling stressed or when we want to take a break from something that we may be finding challenging. We will using these techniques in class to support us if we are feeling stressed at any time.

Following on from this, on Wednesday it was Safer Internet Day and we got to do 2 exciting activities. Firstly we took part in a social media workshop ran by MIND. This taught us how make sure that if we use social media, we know how to be safe on there and who to report things do if we know it is not right. We then followed this up in class by looking at the persuasive ways which technology use to try and influences people’s choices whilst they are using social media. We had to match the persuasive feature to the description in small groups by working together. 

After that on Thursday, as part of Children’s Mental Health Week, we focused on that we matter. We looked at the things that matter to us and what needs we have. We also looked at that children have rights and that their views should be taken seriously. We created some artwork that displayed our ‘dream day’ and included all the things that mattered to us. 

Finally on Friday, we celebrated Cultural Day with our whole school community by coming into school in clothing that represents our culture and identity. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful cultures from around the world in our school. The Cultural Day assembly was amazing to see all the children display their wonderful talents. Some children in Year 4 even performed and showcased their cultures beautifully. We then in class designed our own coats of arms to showcase our cultural identities! 

Well done Year 4 on a fabulous week! 

What was your favourite part? 

5 comments on “World Week in Year 4

  1. Hi, Year 4.
    Your world week looked a – m – a – z – I – n – g, you must have had a lot of fun.
    P.S: I could see some of you received your pens.

  2. Florence Y3🤗 says:

    I hope you had fun!

  3. Alexandra Y3 🥰😍❤ says:

    Cool emblems Y4!

  4. I had so much fun making my identity badges.

  5. 🇫🇷César🇫🇷 says:

    I’m sorry I wasn’t there for cultural day 😢

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