Our current class text is Dogger, by Shirley Hughes. The story tells us about a young boy called Dave, and his favourite toy, Dogger. Dave sadly loses Dogger and tries to find him everywhere at home but he has no luck! It is not until Dave and his family attend a village fair, do they spot Dogger on sale at the toy stand.

Year 1 were so sympathetic towards Dave, and shared their feelings about losing their own toys, everyone said they would feel very sad and worried!

We had been learning the story of Dogger, and have completed activities such as creating a ‘story mountain’, showing the key events of the start, beginning and end of the story at the peaks and falls of the mountain, and then ordering pictures of the story up and down their mountains too.

The story of Dogger also links to our History topic of Toys. Alongside our English lessons on Dogger, we have been thinking about our own favourite toys. We had an extra special circle time where everyone brought in their favourite toys into school to show and share with their friends. Lots of children had different toys, but lots brought in their favourite soft cuddly teddy that they have had since they were a baby! This was such a lovely way for everyone to know their friends better and see what toys everyone has at home, especially their favourite. Through our History lessons we have also been thinking about toys from the past, and how they are different to their favourite toys that they brought in and shared with their class.

During our writing sessions, Year 1 created a missing toy poster. In a previous lesson they had practiced drawing and writing key words that describe their toy, to help them with their poster. Everyone did so well during the writing sessions and all created fantastic posters! These will be displayed proudly in our classroom, but thankfully everyone has their favourite toys safe and sound at home. Well done Year 1!


3 comments on “Writing and History in Year 1

  1. Isabella Romana HAUSCHILDT says:

    I loved doing my missing toy poster. It was fun when I I drew my favourite toy. I was proud of myself. My favourite toy is a doll called Annabell and I love her so much.

  2. Wow year 1 you looked like you had a lot of fun!

  3. Alexandra Y3 says:

    I liked this topic when I was in year1. I bet you had lot of fun bringing your favourite toys in class and drawing them to make your posters. Well done y1!🧸🧸🧸

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