This morning Year 2 performed a brilliant assembly on their topic of Historical Heroes.

They taught us all about two very important nurses – Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. They share they similarities and differences as well as reminding us that we can all be heroes if we two are hard working and brave. All the children performed excellently and we enjoyed their wonderful singing as well!

We hope you enjoy watching the assembly. Well done Year 2!

Please contact the school office if you need the password.

14 comments on “Year 2 Assembly

  1. I loved your assembly. It was great. Great job!

  2. Sal Jackson says:

    What a wonderful performance! Well done Year 2 and all the teachers involved. Thank you to all the Year 2 children and teachers. We enjoyed v much.

  3. The assembly was fun, I really liked it because I was a nurse. I liked all of the songs.

  4. You’ve impressed me so much ! Especially when you were saying your lines. You did so well and I hope you were very proud of yourselves ! Your singing was so impressive.

  5. I loved singing in the assembly. I was a bit nervous before but I really enjoyed it. Also I was happy that my mum was here to see me.

  6. We loved dressing up in our costumes and singing We need a hero.

  7. This assembly was incredible !! Well done to All the year 2 children and All the teachers involved . It was amazing and the songs were super well performed 🥰🥰

  8. Sibylle´s family says:

    It was an amazing assembly ! We were really impressed, well done year 2 👏👏👏

  9. Ryan & family says:

    What a wonderful assembly. We really enjoyed it. We’ll done Year 2 and thank you to all the teachers involved for all your hard work

  10. Sophia Yr2 :) says:

    I liked the fact I had 3 lines and the songs.

  11. I loved making the assembly.
    I loved singing I need a hero.
    I liked seeing my sister and my mum.

  12. James Yr2 says:

    I loved the assembly because I liked the songs and my part.
    I loved that people commented that we all said our lines carefully and clearly.
    I loved seeing my dad at the assembly.

    I think that my family and everyone else who watched it, loved our assembly so much.
    I think that my class loved performing the assembly.

    The assembly was great. I love my class so much!!

  13. Olivier & Elodie says:

    Well done Year2, Mr Rees, and our wonderful 3 teachers.
    My husband and I were impressed by this beautiful assembly.
    One of the song has become a family hit !
    Madeleine’s family

  14. I really liked learning the songs and singing them.

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