Today, we went to the hub at Regent’s Park to take part in a Westminster multi-skills sporting event.

When we arrived at the park, we found a big sycamore tree to cover from the rain and we then went to our first event where practiced our underarm and overarm throwing. We had to try to aim towards three different targets, worth different values. We were split into two teams and tried to gather as many points as possible. We did really well to cheer each other on and demonstrated some great sportsmanship. After this we went to a different event that involved some jumping, sprinting and throwing! In this agility activity, we worked in our teams again and worked to race against each other but to also try to win the most points with our accuracy when throwing.

Then we went to the egg and spoon race which is Mrs Hope’s favourite! Lots of eggs were cracked because some of us couldn’t hold our spoons still before we even started! For this event, we were in our Sports Day teams and got in some egg-stra practice before the big day in a few weeks. Our teachers even got the chance to join us and took it very seriously! The next event involved rock, paper, scissors, throwing and targets. We had another event which used a tennis racket and then weaving in and out of cones to get to the other side. For this one, the losing team had to do a forfeit which saw us race across half of the field against each other. Our final event was called ‘over and under’ with a big, colourful ball. We had three teams and practiced our passing, concentration, patience, communication and coordination! We were exhausted by the time that this one finished and couldn’t wait for lunch.

Lots of us said we were hungry from the moment we left school (at 9:20am) so we were super duper excited for lunchtime. We sat underneath our tree and ate our delicious packed lunches and chatted away with our friends. We played a few games of eye spy and our favourite counting game, which is another game that involves patience!

We would like to say a huge thank you to the parents that came along with us to help us with this event. They always help us to travel around London so safely and we hugely appreciate their support. We would also like to say thank you to Mr Aitken for organising the event.

16 comments on “Year 2 Multi-Skills at Regent’s Park

  1. Charles Y2 says:

    I really liked this sport activity, thank you for organising it !
    It was so much fun !

  2. Florence says:

    This activity sucked all the air out of me because I was so tired of these running activities.My favourite part was when I played rock paper ✂️scissors and we had to throw the bean bag the try to put the ball ⚽️ in the cup. This is also good for our mental health!

  3. Indigo Y2 says:

    I really enjoyed this trip. It was really tiring though.

  4. Philip Bear says:

    I had lots of fun throwing the objects and the ball. The teachers were good at the egg and spoon race. Joey done really well because he threw the ball really far.

  5. I enjoyed doing the egg and spoon race it was very fun. And all the other activities.
    I loved the game where we put the ball over and under. Thanks to all the teachers and schools for making this lovely trip.

  6. Alexander Y2 says:

    I loved the multi skill sporting event and it was so much fun! My favourite activity was running to the cone and through the hoops. Thanks to the teachers for taking us to the event, and to Mr Aitken for organising it.

  7. Alexandra Y2 says:

    I had the most amazing day! Thank you teachers for organising.

  8. Today we had inter sport. We had throwing, jumping onto hoops, and catching balls into cones and running through cones.
    What a great day, thank you to all the coaches and the teachers to make it fun,

  9. Thank you to Mr Aiken for organising our trip. It was really fun. Some activities were hard but as a team, we could win. I liked when we had extra time to play games.

  10. Anna Y'2 says:

    Thank you for organising this fun and challenging trip! My favourite sport was where we had to jump into the hoops,run through the line of cones and stop at the football on the cone and try to score the ball into the hoop which would be 1 point.If you scored into the cone it would be 5 points,but if you scored it in the middle it would be 10 points !! Unfortunately my team didn’t win but it was a lot of fun though. I enjoyed this activity and I can’t wait for the next fun activity that is arranged!!

  11. I really enjoyed this trip. I loved throwing the balls and trying to challenge myself with the activities. While we were walking I enjoyed talking to Miss Hope. I look forward to the next event. Thank you teachers for organising this.



  13. Alexandra Y2 says:

    I enjoyed all the challenges. I wish we had more of these Multi-Skills event. It makes me happy when I get to run and jump to reach the goal. By the end of the event, I was so tired and hungry. I was glad we had lunch together with my friends in Regent’s Park under a huge beautiful tree.🌳
    Thank you Mr. Aitken for organising this for us.

  14. I really enjoyed all of the races and the lunch break! It was a great day and much fun!

  15. Louis Y2 says:

    This activity was excellent!😆We got to do lots of sport. I liked the throwing games the best.
    Thank you to Mr Aiken and everyone who came to support us.😊

  16. Alda Y2🌈 says:

    The inter sport activities were amazing! My favourite was the jump, run and throw. I also liked bouncing the ball on the tennis racket. Such a great day. Thank you so much!

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