Year 3- United Against Bullying

In support of Anti-Bullying Week 2020, Year 3 have been discussing how we can help to prevent bullying in our school. We started our week by discuss what bullying is and how we can recognise it. Throughout the week, we took part in activities to remind ourselves to always be kind.

We took part in Odd Sock Day to show that we are all different and unique and these difference should be celebrated. We even created our own odd sock display!

As a class we thought about all the things we already do to prevent bullying such as the use of the friendship bench in the playground and the worry box in class. We used stories to help us understand the impact bullying and unkind words can have on the people around us.

We have thought about all the things that make each of us special and there are so many! We will continue to celebrate each other and the differences this is what makes our class and school so special.

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