Year 4 begin remote learning!

Year 4 began their remote learning journey on Google Classrooms this week after it was sadly announced that schools across the country were to close from Tuesday.

However! In true St. Vincent’s fashion Year 4 rose to the occasion with incredible enthusiasm, maturity and resilience!

The whole class have worked so hard to keep learning and discovering new things in their online lessons, some of which were live!

I thought I would take this time to share a few outstanding pieces of work some of the children produced this week and say a little thank you for all of the support you given them at home as they transition into this new way of schooling!

In English Orla wrote a very creative diary entry as Wilbur from ‘Charlotte’s Web’, to recount his days while Fern is at school:

In R.E., Celestine wrote some really detailed answers about the message of God Elizabeth Mary Lange, an African-American woman, was spreading to the world. E.M. Lange founded a special order of nuns which helped to educate black children in Maryland, when education for people of colour was illegal.

And finally, Aleksander did some fantastic research on the northern and southern hemisphere in topic, and the impact they have on our weather and climate.

WELL DONE TO ALL OF YOU! What a positive start to this term despite everything.

Have a restful weekend and make sure you spend plenty of time exercising outside! 🙂

Mr. Kersys.

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