Year 4’s Last Day!

We have all made it, albeit online, to the last day!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the children and their families for making this such a fantastic year.

I would first like to thank each child for all of the warmth, laughter and learning that we have shared this year. It has been a privilege to be your teacher and I could not be more proud of you all. You have grown taller, smarter and more resilient. You have faced challenges that no other children in history have had to face. I will really miss you all…As difficult as it is to let you go, I know that you will be leaving Year 4 ready for the wonderful things next year has in store!

The next part is for your parents and families. Thank you so much for such a warm welcome into St. Vincent’s. I am so proud to be a part of this school community. Your support throughout such turbulent and uncertain times has been incredible and we could not have done it without you. Thank you for organising such wonderful costumes for the children to wear for their performances, for the beautiful SVPA events at the end of each term and all of the kind words that mean so so much. It has been a real pleasure to teach this class and I am excited to see you again soon. 

Finally, to the families who are leaving our school family this year I wish you bonne chance, you will be dearly missed! It is sad to see you go, but please do stay in touch as we would love to see and hear all about your exciting adventures!

I hope you all have a well deserved rest and have a fantastic summer. 

Stay safe and best wishes,

Mr. Kersys, Mrs Akhtar, Miss Hector and Ms Cimmino x

5 comments on “Year 4’s Last Day!

  1. *Ophelia * says:

    I will really miss being in Y4😭

  2. We had a brilliant year and i’m very sad it had to end like this i’ll miss you Mr.Kersys!! and Mrs.Akhtar Mrs.Cimmino and Mrs.Hector 😀 wish you all the best

  3. Graceanne says:

    I am going to miss year 4

  4. Gabriella Anthony says:

    I really miss being in year 4 too. I wish Mr keesys was our teacher again on y5

  5. Graceanne says:

    I am really sad that we are leaving Year 4 because we are never going to be in Year 4 again.

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