Last week Year 6 visited the R.A.F. Museum as part of our World War II project. We had a fantastic time and especially enjoyed going back in time to a classroom during the Blitz. Things were very different for schoolchildren in 1940, as we quickly found out…

“Good morning everyone!” Mr Vernon exclaimed as he pretended to be our World War II teacher. The whole of Class 6 were starting to giggle as he put on his black cloak.
“SILENCE!” he angrily shouted. “Now, repeat the school motto after me- Good better best, never let it rest…”
After we had repeated the motto, Mr Vernon announced that we had to copy and write Maths questions in our school books with an ink pen. For me, it was really hard because I had never, EVER used an ink pen before.
“NOW!” Mr Vernon yelled; it was so loud that it made me jump out of my chair!
” I have some very, VERY disappointing news to tell you.” continued Mr Vernon as he went around the class like a hunter searching for prey. “A few days ago, I saw a small boy FROM OUR CLASS playing around in the bomb sites, which was a very dangerous thing to do!” Class 6 were glancing around the class searching for the guilty boy.
“Come here you unpleasant boy!” Mr Vernon snatched the wooden cane from the wall and pretended to cane our classmate.
BI,BI,BI- what was that? Oh no, it was the air-raid siren! By this point, ink pens fell to the floor and the room was thundering with laughter as we jumped underneath our old, creaky desks… By I.F.

“I. Will. Not. tolerate. Any-let me repeat, ANY. Nonsense or silliness.” Meet my new favourite teacher-not. If I had known that we had Mr Vernon as our substitute teacher I would have definitely stayed in the Andersen shelter. Instead, I’m shaking in the ice-cold corner of the classroom writing out measurements for the millionth time. Glancing over my shoulder to look at the time, I hear footsteps. But whose? Panicking, I turn and…too late! Sir is just about to speak when my elbow knocks over the ink bottle. I know I’m doomed but suddenly…THE AIR-RAID SIREN! Should I be happy or scared? I don’t know if death in an air raid or Mr Vernon is a better option…By H.S.