Year 6 Production 2020

Year 6 are pleased to present…

‘Joseph and The Technicolour Dreamcoat-A Musical Medley!’

We hope that you all enjoy our unique take on the traditional production! 

Thank you Year 6 for a being such a wonderful class. Even during the challenging times of this year, you were enthusiastic, encouraged each other and your smiles were infectious! 

You have all worked incredibly hard and we are proud of you all. 

We will miss you! Xxx

66 comments on “Year 6 Production 2020

  1. Miss Coleman says:

    Year 6, I am so proud of you all- your singing brought such joy this afternoon ( and also some tears) . This is a very special production that is a real representation of our time. It was so moving to see all of Year 6 together for this final performance. Huge thanks are due to Miss Gorick, Mrs Healy , Mr Rees, Miss Vieira and Mrs Casey. Well done everyone!

  2. Regan, Erin and Orla says:

    Hi Year 6,
    We have just watched this at home and we thought it was AMAZING! The whole of the St. Vincent’s family will miss you when you go to your new schools! Wish you lots of luck and happiness,
    Regan, Erin and Orla

  3. Well Done Year 6
    My family and me really enjoyed the show 🤗🤗😁😁
    Have a lovely day

  4. Jade’s mum says:

    What a colourful and joyful show!!!
    We almost forgot we were in our living room with the rest of the family.
    Bravo year 6!
    And thank you St Vincent Team with a special dédicace to Mr Rees.

  5. Ms Rosellini says:

    Wonderful, just wonderful! Well done Year 6, you made me smile and cry. So proud of you, well done everyone!❤️

  6. Emilia and Isabella says:

    We enjoyed it very much ! Thank you year 6 ! You made us happy!!

  7. Charles’s family says:

    What a wonderful production ! It is truly an amazing work. Very moving.
    Congratulations to all of you !!!

  8. Reception class bubble A says:

    Reception bubble A have just watched your production and we thought it was fantastic, amazing, brilliant, great and tremendous. We wish you all lots of luck in your new schools.

  9. Penelope says:

    Fantastic production year 6, I really loved it, you were so good at singing and dancing !!.
    Have a fantastic summer and good luck for secondary !
    Penelope (year 3) and family

  10. Manuel and Cristina says:

    Wow what an amazing play and end to a wonderful experience at St Vincents.

    Good luck to all of you !

  11. Amazing work, well done year 6!
    Full of colors and energy, smiles and fun
    I feel good today and eager to watch it again…

  12. Charles’ s family says:

    Super production ! We are so proud of what year 6 have done in a such very unsettled period. You can feel friendship but even more love. Thank you to Miss Gorick and all the St Vincent’s community for what you have done for and with the children during this year !

  13. Good Bye to everyone in Class 6😭

  14. Superb ….how hard you must have all worked with your amazing teachers.

    Thank you !

  15. Valentina (Gabriel's mum) says:

    It was brilliant and funny and it was really really nice to see all the class “virtually” united with the children at home participating too.
    I have to say I was already a bit emotional during the production that the final photos made me cry!
    Thank you to all staff at St. Vincent’s to make us feel like a family and thank you to all year 6: you were amazing.

  16. Miss Siswick says:

    Well done, Year 6.
    I absolutely LOVED your show. It made me feel very happy but I also cried a lot too! The singing was fantastic and every single one of you should be super proud of yourselves. You are all fabulous and I will miss you very much in September.
    Have a lovely summer and well done again.
    Love from Miss Siswick.

  17. Holly and family says:

    That was brilliant! We will miss you year six! My mum couldn’t stop crying!😢😭😢😭. We will miss you!

    Holly and family

  18. 🅶🅰🅱🆁🅸🅴🅻🅻🅰 & Luisa says:

    Dear Year 6,

    It was absolutely incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We loved how you got students that were at home to be in it too! The singing was wonderful! We will miss you!

    Gabi (Year 5) & Luisa (Year 2)

  19. Mrs Frances Femi-Pearse says:

    Am very impressed with the school levers performance. Despite the Covid-19 epidemic they were able to put up such a beautiful performance . Wish all the students the best of luck in their various schools. For the very hard working teachers and head teacher we appreciate you all . Am a grand mother and am more than happy to see my granddaughter performing. Am watching from Nigeria .

  20. Wow!
    I felt like I saw an actual movie on Netflix!
    You put so much work into this and people who do not know you could easily mistake you for being great singers,dancers and actors!
    The teachers also did a great job for the editing ,directing ,preparing music and over all, making it work!

  21. Miss Lee says:

    Year 6 this was AMAZING! 😀 😀 😀
    I also cried… but it was because you were all so brilliant!
    We will miss you all next year but have a fabulous summer! You all deserve it!
    Well done to Miss Gorick, Mrs Healy and Mr Rees too!

  22. Miss Jones says:

    AMAZING production!!! Da iawn Year 6 (well done!) I absolutely loved it. You should all be so proud of yourselves and what you have achieved this year! I wish you all the very best in your new schools and we will miss you lots at St Vincent’s! Have a brilliant summer 🙂
    Love Miss Jones x x x

  23. Miss Travers says:

    That was an amazing production Year 6! Year 1 loved it and were all singing along! Good luck in your new schools and have a lovely summer! Congratulations to Miss Gorick, Mrs Healey and Mr Rees too! Love Miss Travers xxx

  24. Miss Carruthers says:

    Year 6 that was absolutely fabulous! I so enjoyed watching you and your smiles were infectious! I know how hard you have all worked on it and it has really paid off. I hope you are very pleased and proud of your performance. Well done to everyone who helped you to make this amazing show, especially Miss Gorick, Mrs Healy, Mr Rees, Miss Vieira and Mrs Casey . Really well done Year 6!
    Love Miss Carruthers x

  25. Mrs Healy says:

    Year 6, you were all amazing. Well done.

  26. That was brilliant year 6 we will miss you all . Great music Mr Rees. It was fantastic year 6 ❤️😘😺😈💩👏🏿👽

  27. What a great job Y6! I really enjoyed it! So sad we are not able to say goodbye to each other but I wish you all the best for Y7! Love, Lavinia xx

  28. Fantastic job year 6! I hadn’t seen the final video until today and I loved it – great direction from Miss Gorick too.
    It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you all – good luck in your new schools in September!

  29. Ms Cimmino says:

    Year 6 it was amazing!! Really modern and moving. You are great!

  30. Mrs Kidd says:

    Wow, what a brilliant way to end the school year. Well done year 6 and well done to Miss Gorick, Mrs Healy and Mr Rees.
    Year 1 all thought it was amazing xx

  31. Sam and Claire (Miss Gorick’s family) says:

    Hello from the USA! We loved watching your amazing singing and dancing – you are all very talented!

  32. Mrs Casey says:

    Dear Year 6, Miss Gorick, Mrs Healy and Mr Rees, what a fabulous and unforgettable production! You brought us all to tears (of joy!) this afternoon. It has been an absolute privilege to share this term with you and watch you put it all together from the wings.. You did it! Well done to you all!

  33. Nadine (Haleema's Mum) says:

    Wow, Year6 ROCKS…!!!!
    What a brilliant production. I am so proud of you all for the amazing work you have done. As for tears I cried and then cried some more…
    Wishing you all the best of Luck on your new and exciting journey.
    God Bless you all Yr6
    Thank you to All our Teachers at St Vincent’s, you have been absolutely amazing.
    Miss Gorick. xxx Mrs Healy. xxx Mr Rees. xxx

  34. Mrs Avdiu says:

    Wow! What a fabulous show you have put on for us. My cheeks ache from smiling throughout and it really did bring tears to my eyes. Year 6, I feel so privileged to have taught most of you in Year 1 and Year 5! You are an amazing bunch and we will miss you a lot. I’m sorry I can’t hug you all to say goodbye but I just want you to know I’m super proud of you all and how much you’ve grown!

    Well done Miss Gorick, Mrs Healey and Mr Rees for making this possible; a wonderful end to the year. Good luck Year 6! x

  35. Mrs Knowler says:

    Oh, that was wonderful, everything about it. The singing was great, the acting was brilliant. It was a complete roller-coaster of emotions. I began with a lump in my throat thinking I was going to cry, then I found myself laughing in places, then tearful and finally very happy with the photos at the end. We will all miss you but are really excited for your futures. My bubble thoroughly enjoyed it. Cesar, Moses, Nicolas and Rosa looked as proud as can be when watching. Good luck and thank you all Year 6. Love from Mrs Knowler. X X

  36. Elsa, Jack and family says:

    Dear Year 6, Miss Gorick, Mrs Healy and Mr Rees,

    We loved watching the show so much that we have already watched it twice. Well done for all your hard work, such an amazing production. The singing was excellent and the clips at the end made us sad that you are leaving, as we will miss you. Have a great summer and wishing you all the best in your new schools.

  37. Sacha Frotiee (left in year 5) says:

    Hi year 6,
    I m so sad I left ,
    My cousins made me watch this and me and Max are so jealous. I wish you good luck for next year and best wishes.

    Max and Sacha

  38. Patrick Moloney says:

    Wow! What an amazing show you put on to mark the end of your time at the school. I feel privileged to have been your Chair of Governors during the whole of your time at St Vincent’s. I’ve watched you perform on a number of occasions over the years you’ve always been outstanding. Thanks too to your parents for guiding you along the way and for the wonderful support they have always given to the school.
    I wish you every success and happiness in the future.
    God Bless

  39. Tom(Miss Gorick's family) says:

    Congratulations year 6, what a brilliant show!! Well done and good luck to you all 🙂

  40. Mrs Lynch says:

    Absolutely fabulous,what a great tribute to all of you, how you have overcome the situation we find ourselves in and you rose to the challenge and performed a truly fantastic performance
    You should be very proud 💝

  41. Well done Year 6. I’ve been looking forward to your production all week and it lived up to all my expectations! Such beautiful singing and you managed to make me laugh and cry throughout. I loved all the clips at the end too. What a lovely way to mark your final days at St. Vincent’s and something to treasure forever. Well done again. I will miss you all.

  42. Miss Gorick's Mum and Dad says:

    Wow what a fantastic show! We really enjoyed every minute. We wish you every blessing for the future as you move on to your new schools.

  43. Anna (Miss Gorick's sister) says:

    What an amazing show!! You are all so talented, what a special performance to end your time at St Vincent’s!

  44. Mrs O’Neill says:

    Your production was brilliant and your singing was amazing well done year 6.

  45. Dylan, Daisy and family says:

    Wow! Year 6 what a brilliant production. What a great memory to have. Well done everyone. Have a lovely summer. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  46. Mrs Duffy says:

    Dear Year 6,

    Congratulations on your amazing production! I was so impressed with the high quality performance and extremely proud of you.

    Love from,

    Mrs Duffy

  47. Alan Healy, Mrs Healys husband says:

    Fantastic show -the singing was amazing . Good luck in your new schools.

  48. Miss Robertson says:

    Well done Year 6 – thank you for a fantastic production!
    I thoroughly enjoyed it!
    Wonderful singing, lovely back-drops – and it was very moving to see your journey so far… wishing you all the best for year 7, and the next chapter ahead!

  49. Mrs Coutts says:

    What an amazing show yr 6! I enjoyed watching it . Well done and good luck for the future.

  50. Gloria-Giordano’s mum YEAR 4 says:

    FANTASTIC YEAR 6!! What a wonderful production, you must have worked so hard and it shows! Well done! We will miss you! Good luck in on your new schools
    Giordano’s mum YEAR 4

  51. Duncan & Tessa (Nina*) says:

    Fabulous performances all round! what a spectacle! What a great year and what futures in store for all the bright young minds. Beautiful. X

  52. Martin Gorick says:

    Absolutely loved this show. Fantastic dancing in Go Go Go Joseph! Well done Year 6!

  53. Karen Scarborough says:

    It truly was an amazing performance, so uplifting, colourful and joyful! How wonderful for Year 6 to have this video to remember their last year at St Vincent’s. Congratulations to everyone.

  54. I have just shown your wonderful performance to my mum, Kitty. She completely agrees with me and asked me to tell you that she thought it was fantastic. She also asked me to wish you all good luck in your new schools.

  55. Célestine's family says:

    Wonderful production! Congratulations to Year 6 and all the best for next year.

  56. Zavan, Anna & Esther says:

    Hello Year 6,
    We watched your production at home and thought it was absolutely stupendous!
    Well done to all of you and also to the the wonderful teachers who helped edit, record and put it all together.
    Everyone in St. Vincent’s will miss you. Good luck in your new schools!

  57. 𝕂𝕒𝕪𝕝𝕒 ♡ says:

    WOW! THIS WAS AMAZING! Well done year 6 and all of the teachers! 😀

  58. Mrs Knowler says:

    Chiara, “I loved the show and I love everyone singing in it and it make me happy.”
    Juliana, “I liked the assembly and I wish you have a nice holidays and I hope you be good and play in swimming pools if you have it and I hope they have a nice time wherever they going to.”
    Rocco, “Bye.”
    Nicolas, “I like you all. You all was the best.”
    Moses, “Thank you for you your 6 assembly.”
    Maya, “Your assembly was funny.”
    Basia, “I hope you have lovely holidays. I like the show.”
    Philippa, “I love you.”
    Cesar, “I will miss you when you are on holiday and when you are at your new school.
    Rosa, “It was amazing, I really liked it. I hope you have a nice time at your school.”
    Ryan, “The show was good. The singing was the best bit. I will miss you.”
    Harlow, “The show was great and we loved it. I will miss you.”
    Alexander, ” I like it. I like all of it. I like the rainbows you drawed. I liked the song about the coat. You pulled funny faces.”

  59. Ms Portugal says:

    What a wonderful production Year 6! Congratulations to you all. We are so proud of you. A special thank you to Miss Gorick, Mrs. Healy and Mr. Rees.
    I wish you all the very best as you head off on your next adventure.
    We will miss you all.

  60. Miss Hector says:

    Well done year 6! What an amazing production. you should all be very proud of yourselves. I will miss you all as you move on to secondary school and hope to see you all in the near future.

  61. Mikey and Joey says:

    What a super production! Well done year 6!

    We will miss playing with you in the park.

  62. Gabriella and Graceanne Y3 says:

    Well done year 6 I loved your production. I have watched it like 15 times.

  63. Chéa Limsoan says:

    Tremendous Year 6 St Vincent Catholic Primary School2019/2020
    Jeanne ´s Grand- father

  64. Ariella (used to be year six ) says:

    Thankyou for all these comments, they are all so heart-warming and made my day!
    I will miss you all as well,hope you are well and hope everyone has a Fantastic summer !

  65. Lola Gardner-Sharp says:

    Dear Year 6, Miss Gorick, Mrs Healy and Mr Rees,
    Wow! What a fantastic Tony Award Winning Production! You certainly brought a lot of joy into our home watching you all. I was very moved by how grown up, professional and talented you all are year 6.
    Sending you all lots of love as you leave the St Vincent’s nest and you spread your wings to new adventures in secondary school.
    With fond memories,
    Mrs Gardner-Sharp

  66. Yvonne Robinson says:

    Dear Year 6, what a WONDERFUL production, so full of fun, energy, joy …and of course … TALENT!!! You were ALL amazing. It has been my privilege to work with you all through the years so thank you for making it all so worth while.
    I have watched the production a number of times and cannot pick a favourite… although the parrot was a nice touch! The whole production just makes one smile and feel instantly happier at the end than at the beginning. What an achievement!
    The photos at the end brought a tear (or two!) to the eye. They made those times seem like it was only yesterday we were together and that we’d all be together tomorrow… even though we’ve all flown the coup and set for new adventures . I miss you all but can look at this video any time and remember. Good luck and enjoy what’s to come.
    Love Mrs R.
    Ps … I hope this goes through…I keep messing it up…I know you won’t believe that Charles!!!!

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