As a reward for all of their hard work over the past year,  Class 6 were lucky enough to visit LEGOLAND today!

We had so much fun on our exciting day out. We were able to go on so many thrilling rides and many of us went on the two giant rollercoasters three times each!

It was a wonderful day, adding to the many happy memories we have made together as a class.

Thank you to the brave staff and parents who came with us (and even went on most the rides!) and very special thanks to our wonderful S.V.P.A., who funded our trip and gave us such a special day out. We really appreciate it and will never forget this experience.



18 comments on “Year 6 trip to Legoland!

  1. Alexandra Y3 says:

    That looks like so much fun!

  2. I hope you had a good time year 6!

  3. Alda year 3 says:

    I hope you had a lovely time year 6 I also hope you had lots of fun . Is this reword for Sats?

  4. Adelaide says:

    I hope you liked LEGOLAND and had fun. Well done for your Sats year six.

  5. phillyppe says:

    What a wonderful day to go to LEGOLAND!I wish I was in y 6.

  6. You are so lucky.

  7. Albert Y6 says:

    Remember you’re going there when you’re in Y6

  8. This was fun. I loved the racing roller coaster!

  9. Hello! I wish I was there with you. Year six you must have had so much fun

  10. Khloe💗 says:

    You guys are so lucky you got to go to Lego Land. Hope you had fun.

  11. Florence Y3🎈👑💎 says:

    I hope you had a lot of fun!🎈

  12. Olivia g says:

    Well done for all your hard work during the school year.

  13. I had so much fun going to Legoland and my favourite part was when we went on the racing coaster although i was nervous at first and did not want to go on I did because everyone says it was so much fun and I loved it and love 🎢 roller coasters.

  14. Mila Yr6 says:

    Thai has been my favourite trip. I loved all the rides and it was all such fun . My favourite though was the racing one its was so fast and I absolutely loved it .

  15. Legoland was so exciting!!!!! My favourite ride was the dragon. It was just what we needed after all the stress from SATs week.

  16. Catherine Yr6 says:

    I loved LEGOLAND!!!!!!

  17. I loved LEGOLAND m favourite ride was definitely the race and was a great prize after the SATS week.


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