This week, we will be celebrating St Vincent’s Book Day!

In Year 2, we love to read whenever we get the chance, and have started to enjoy answering different questions about our favourite books. Choosing an all-time favourite book can be really quite tricky but once we find it, we come back to it time and time again. I know one of my favourites is the Gruffalo because I love the language that Julia Donaldson uses. It never gets old! We can have a favourite book because it makes us laugh, because we love the way the characters are described, or even if it keeps us wondering what might happen next!

On this blog, we are going to be sharing some of our favourite books as a way of inspiring our friends and hopefully persuade them to read something new! In your comment, tell us the title, author and why it’s the best book ever!

You can post as many times as you would like. Make sure to tell us what’s so good about it!

I can’t wait to read all about your favourite books!

8 comments on “St Vincent’s Book Week 2023

  1. I currently love reading the Dog Man books, because sometimes the stories are a bit funny. I also like reading about Star Wars.

  2. Alexandra Y2 says:

    My favourite book is Pippy Longstocking in the South Seas writen by Astrid Lindgren. It is my favourite book because she is the strongest and most joyful girl in the whole wide world. It is super cool when she lifted the man who wanted to buy the house.

  3. My favourite book is ‘Elisabeth, princesse a Versailles’, by Annie Jay. It is a fiction based on the life of a real French 18th century princess. I like this book because I like the part when one boy who is not very kind falls in a hole in the iceskating rink. The story is full of adventure.

  4. I like lots of books like 10 minutes to bed little Dinosaur and little monkey as well as Charlie and the chocolate factory.I also No -bot and Dlnosaur also the Hairy_Scary Monster.Your Body also help you lean about your body and IGGY peck architect.Now that is a lot of books.

  5. Alexandra Y2 says:

    I thoroughly enjoy reading Roald Dahl’s books and my favourite one’s are Matilda, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Magic finger and manu maire… I think the Gobblefunk language is very funny and unique.😄

  6. My favourite book is spider– man the amazing pocket guide from world book day .

  7. I like lots of books like Where’s Wally?,the bookshop at the back of beyond, the three little astronaut, the Magic Sword,the three little magicians,the invisible boy, experiment with electricity,the Prime Minister,everything you know about dinosaurs is wrong, Dog Man,Harry potter and the philosopher’s stone, l also have two books in French so l will also write it in French:
    Bonjour petit avion et les voitures
    now I am going to write it in English:
    hello little aeroplane and the cars.

  8. My favourite book is Matilda by Roald Dahl.

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