In class 3 we have learned that Advent is a time for preparing for the coming of Jesus.  Many people do different things during advent to prepare for the birth of Jesus (Christmas).  How can you prepare for the coming of Jesus?

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  1. In the Advent wreath there are five candles, each candle that is lit each week has a meaning. They are: Hope (First), peace (Second), Joy (Third), Love (Fourth) and finally Christ (Fifth). The final candle (white candle) is lit on Christmas Day.

  2. You can prepare for Christmas by….cleaning up the house, saying prayers each night, reading the Bible or buying or making presents for friends and family.

  3. At Christmas time you have to be friendly and helpful.

  4. You can prepare for the coming of Jesus by praying, writing a Christmas card, showing respect and praising God .

  5. You can prepare for the coming of Jesus by helping people to do something special.You also could decorate and tidy your bedroom when people arrive at the celebration.Remember to thank God for all the things we have.❄️⛄️❄️

  6. In Religious Education we can decorate the class a little bit or we could meditate after
    we do our homework and we can think about the people that we love, like Jesus!

  7. I went to Church on Saturdays and Sundays. I am also looking forward to my First Holy Communion.

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