In Religious Education, our new topic is Advent. We are thinking about expectations, waiting and preparation.
During Advent, how will you prepare for the birth of Christ?

7 comments on “Advent

  1. I will prepare for the birth of Jesus by praying lots and trying to be a better person.

  2. I will prepare for the birth of Jesus by helping around the house, praying and being more hopeful about what I think is going to happen next in my life .

  3. Thank you Topaz and Isadora for your thoughtful responses. I think that you both have some great ideas about how we can prepare during Advent- hopefully all of us can try and follow these suggestions. How is everyone getting on with their Advent promises?

  4. My Advent promise is to be kinder with my sisters, but I’m not getting on very well ! But I do feel that I’m making progress.

  5. Mine is going good
    Every morning at school we say prayers and every night before I go to sleep my mum and I say a prayer together in Portuguese and English (Our father).

  6. I also been helping with the dishes!!!!
    At least I know I tried…?

  7. I will help my family to prepare for Christmas and fill their hearts with joy.

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