Advent in Class 4

This Advent, Class 4 are focussing on being especially kind to those around us. Each day in Advent we will have a different ‘act of kindness’ challenge.


What did you do today to complete your kindness challenge?

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  1. I helped my mum to choose lunch and dinner.

  2. Well done Mary, what a lovely way to help your mum at home during this busy time.

  3. I am making cards for everyone.

  4. I helped my baby sister to draw a lovely picture, and I also helped my parents to decorate our Christmas tree.

  5. I’m getting on well with the missions.

  6. I helped my mum to cook dinner.

  7. I help my mum to tidy the table ready to eat.

  8. I played with Daphnee and Eugenie and I have never played with them before.

  9. I donated £5 to charity.

  10. I helped my mum to tidy up the whole house.

  11. I gave my dad a hug.

  12. I have set the table with my sister when my dad and mum were in bed.

  13. I played with Augustin and Aurelien – I don’t play with them that much.

  14. I helped my mum and my brother to decorate the Christmas tree.

  15. Me and my brother made Christmas cards in art club for my parents and my friend out of school who I mentioned in class.

  16. I also played with Jalen and Joseph who are both younger than me today.

  17. I played with Ellie and Louise in year 3.

  18. I helped by setting the table.

  19. I said to a friend a ‘Knock Knock’ joke.

  20. I made cards for my family and friends.

  21. I helped my mum to set the dinner table.

  22. I helped my family to wrap up all the presents

  23. I helped my grandmother to set up the table .

  24. I helped my parents to tidy the house before some friends arrived.

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