Two weeks ago, we started our Advent topic Hope in Religious Education. Now with the arrival of December, things have started to feel very Christmassy in our classroom as we prepare for the coming of the Messiah.

Class 5 have had magnificent discussions surrounding waiting and hoping and how it shapes our lives. We have created our own Advent Wreath where we have been adding candles as we wait in anticipation for the 25th of December. We even created a class Christmas tree where everyone designed their own bauble to show how we are all celebrating together.

Class 5 have been relating all of their learning to scripture whether it be the forthcoming as told by Isaiah, the righteous Branch by Jeremiah, or the joyous story of Mary visiting Elizabeth while they wait for the coming of the Lord. To show their understand, Class 5 have been creating wonderful art pieces and evaluations to really emphasis the importance of Advent.

Challenge: Should we take the waiting out of life? Why/why not?

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