Our new topic for the Spring term is Explorers!

This is an exciting History topic and we will be learning to recount the lives of Neil Armstrong, Christopher Columbus and many more!

Have a think about these big questions and answer in the box below!

I can’t wait to see your comments!

Miss Travers

What is the best invention to help us to travel?

What would happen if we journeyed beyond our planet? 

3 comments on “Explorers!

  1. 1. The aeroplane, because it can fly.
    2. then you need a rocket. You would see different things like a hole in the moon. The moon has little volcano holes with no lava and the holes are really little [craters].

  2. The best invention to travel on water is a Jetski.

    You would have to sleep in a rocket and go to moon and other planets.

  3. 1. The best invention to travel is a bicycle because it is eco friendly which means it is good for nature. It is also so much fun to ride!
    2. If we journeyed beyond our planet we would see all the 8 planets. We will see the milky way too! We will have to take a rocket to go to space.

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