Ancient Greece

In the Summer term we will be learning about Ancient Greece.

What would you like to find out? What do you already know about Ancient Greece?

Have any of you been to Greece? How is modern Greece different to ancient Greece?

Please comment below.



8 comments on “Ancient Greece

  1. Ancient Greece is quite different because firstly they ate different food and they had a different sense of fashion. It has developed over the years. Some food I eat is actually Greek. My grandad has a collection of Ancient Greek myths and stories. I know some names: Zeus, Hera ,Poseidon, Athena and Apollo

  2. What I would like to learn this term is if there are any old landmarks related to Ancient Greek beliefs e.g a famous statue of a god/goddess?

  3. I know Zeus was king of all gods. Zeus was born by the Titans Cronus and Rhea. Cronus did not trust his god kids so he ate them. Zeus managed to free his elder brothers and sisters from his father’s stomach by giving him a special herb and making him vomit them out. Then, with the help of his siblings, Zeus overthrew the Titans in the depths of the Underworld, the Tartarus.

  4. Maximilien says:

    I know that Chaos created the earth and everything including Gaea mother of the earth and Ouranos king of the cosmos. Gaea got angry at her husband because he kept throwing their children in Tartarus just because he found them ugly: the Hundred Handed Ones the dracaenas… Finally she got tired of it and she gave Kronos a weapon to chop his father into pieces. But as Kronos killed Ouranos, he cast a spell on him: When you’ll get married, your own children will also chop you into tiny pieces and take over. For quite a long time Kronos managed to not get married but love took over. His wife gave birth to 5 children, Kronos ate them all. But the sixth one: Zeus; his mother replaced him with a rock wrapped in bandages. Zeus gave a potion to Kronos for him to vomit his siblings, and the Gods took over.

  5. I know that the people who used to live in Ancient Greece worshipped many Gods and they would call a specific God for specific reason. I would like to learn about more Greek myths and look over all of the key things that are used in a Greek myth.

  6. I know that the language has developed. Now it’s known as “Modern Greek” or typically “Greek”.
    I’d like to learn why Ancient Greece was so divided.

  7. I would like to learn about the ancient Greek cities and how they got their names and how their city state worked.

  8. Laetitia says:

    I have been to Greece before. Modern Greece is definitely different to ancient Greece. In ancient Greece, there weren’t any modern white buildings, but there were lots of statues of gods and goddesses, there were temples and, also, outdoor, one-storey houses. Now there are cars, modern roads, brick, painted buildings and white consignment boats in the bay.

    I would like to learn if there were any specific landmarks about the ancient Greek times. Were there any famous statues of gods? Did they have a specific and/or special temple?

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