8 comments on “What is your favourite thing to do at the seaside?

  1. I like to play in the sand and swim in the sea. I also like to have an ice lolly on a sun lounger and watch everyone playing when I’m under the umbrella. I love the sunshine. I like to walk along the beach with mummy and daddy, we run in and out of the water and look for sea shells. I like to play and build a sandcastle. When it is so hot the sand gets hotter and hotter and our feet start to burn, so I like to run into the water with my dad and splash.

  2. Catherine says:

    Play in the water at the seaside splashing and swimming .

  3. I like to pick shells and pebbles from the sand. I like to bring my bucket and spade.
    I like to jump in the water with my daddy. I like to build a sand castle.
    I like to make statues.
    I like to dig a big hole with my bucket and spade.

  4. I like playing with my cars in the sand. I like building tunnels, parking and car circuits. I also love splashing my mum in the water! I like playing with my sister and running in the sand.

  5. Sophia P says:

    My favourite thing is to eat ice cream on the beach and swim in the water.

  6. I like to paddle in the sea and make sand castles!
    I enjoy this because I like to spend time with my family and have fun! 🏊‍♀️🏄‍♀️🏖

  7. I like playing in the sand and I like spending time with my family at the beach. I once found lots of jellyfish in the sea. I like walking and picking up shells, I like making a big hole in the sand and putting shells into it.

  8. I like to swim in the sea. I like to run on the sand. I like to collect shells. I like to go fishing with Mummy and Daddy and my cousins. I love to get ice-cream and waffles. I like to dig in the sand.

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