Our new topic this term World War II. This is a fantastic topic with so many opportunities for creative learning-I can’t for us to get started!

Read the questions below and answer them in the blog. I look forward to reading your responses.

1.       What would you like to find out during our World War II project?
2.       Are there any learning activities that you would like to try linked to World War II?
3.       Do you already know an interesting fact about World War II that you can share with the class?

15 comments on “Autumn Topic: World War II

  1. 1.I enjoy personal stories from the War years, I have read When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit by Judith Kerr which was amazing; I have read lots of other books set at that time I could recommend too.

    2. Trips to see things like the Imperial War Museum or Bleachy Park to see the Enigma machine.

    3. Children who were billeted would leave with tiny suitcases in W.W.II smaller than we took to Sayers Croft. They had no idea how long they would be away, some thought 2 weeks!

  2. 1. I would like to find out how Hitler persuaded everyone to follow him in his nasty orders.
    2. I would like to learn about the trenches they used in the war. i think there was a disease they caught and they had to eat in the trenches for a long time.

  3. 1. I would like to find out more about how the war started and why. I would also like to know more about how many countries were actually involved in the war.

    2. I would like to maybe have a lesson where we dress-up and act how refugees would feel and think. I would also like to maybe build an air-raid shelter.

    3. I know that the Victoria Cross was given to war heroes and that the war ended when Germany surrendered. I also know that there were lots of major battles.

  4. 1. I want to find out who was in charge of the concentration camps at the time.

    2. I want us to build a model of something they used in world war II out of clay or popsticle sticks and paint it e.g. a tank or a German Messerschmitt .

    3. I know that once in world war one on christmas one day, german and english soldiers had a truce and gave eachother gifts and played football. Though that was in world war 1, i dont really have any interesting facts about world war two.😑😬

  5. 3. Oh actually i think Hitler disappeared after Germany surrendered, some say he killed himself, some say he was killed, some say he ran away.( I didnt search that up by the way)

  6. I would like to learn learn more about the Holocast since reading the book after the war makes it sound interesting.

    I would like to know why most people agreed with Hitler and never considered that what they were doing to the Jewish was wrong.

  7. In our world war 11 topic I would like to know why did Hitler start the war and for what reason and how did the war end.

    I would like to have a lesson when someone comes in who lived through the war telling us how it was really like.

    The war brought everyone closer together because everyone looked out for each other. So even if you were rich or poor it did not matter because everyone was in the same situation.

  8. 1. How many concentration camps were there?
    Which was the longest lasting battle?

    2. Design our own air raid shelter.

    3. The war started because Germany invaded Poland. The war lasted six years and one day.

  9. What I would like to know about world war 2.

    1) Why did they build the concentration camps and torture the Jewish when they could free them and let them go to wherever they want to go if it is not in the boundaries that Germany decided it would be. That would occur less suffering but I guess that what it’s all about, suffering. How much people agreed to be against the Jewish? Why would normal people who weren’t enormously rich wanted to eliminate the Jewish when they wouldn’t even get anything? Of a rich person who is actually a part of the kings party is Jewish, would they kill him also?

    2) It would be great If we could go on school trips to explore the World War II experience. Could we do a cooking lesson to learn about rationing? I think that would be extremely fun and very educational. In addition, to make it even more school like, we can write a recipe! Only in the condition we get to cook! Plus, it would be a little treat for the teacher’s hard working ! (and for us) Here is some information on the rationing in World War II:

    Ever wondered how much food a person was entitled to during World War Two?

    Rationing began on 8th January 1940 when bacon, butter and sugar were rationed. By 1942 many other foodstuffs, including meat, milk, cheese, eggs and cooking fat were also ‘on the ration’.

    This is a typical weekly food ration for an adult:

    Bacon & Ham 4 oz
    Other meat value of 1 shilling and 2 pence (equivalent to 2 chops)
    Butter 2 oz
    Cheese 2 oz
    Margarine 4 oz
    Cooking fat 4 oz
    Milk 3 pints
    Sugar 8 oz
    Preserves 1 lb every 2 months
    Tea 2 oz
    Eggs 1 fresh egg (plus allowance of dried egg)
    Sweets 12 oz every 4 weeks
    I know. Now your thinking… how could they even live like this?
    It’s not a lot at all!

    Well, actually ordinary people survived on these rations, although those who produced their own food were able to have that little bit extra. (Oof)

    how is this even possible?

    Rationing was a means of ensuring the fair distribution of food (apparently fairness existed when it came to food. I wonder why they wouldn’t do that for the Jewish?) and commodities when they were scarce. It began after the start of WW2 with petrol and later included other goods such as butter, sugar and bacon. Han. Eventually, most foods were covered by the rationing system with the exception of fruit and vegetables. What?
    Sadly, yes 🥺

    3) Well, the airplanes found the cities by looking for the city lights!
    Those lights were basically saying, “ Come here! Bomb us! “ Not really loyal to the country I must say.

    See y’a!

  10. Why did Hitler want to invade in the first place and what did he want to achieve? Why did Hitler only want to kill the Jews? I also want to know how people might have felt after the war?

    We can split the class in half and have a debate, half of the class is the German side and the other half is the English side and we give our different opinions, like why did you do this or why did you do that.

    There are still German unexploded bombs today, German bomb disposal teams find and defuse a World War Two bomb every two weeks and its been over 75 years since they were dropped.

  11. 1. I would like to know the ranks of the army.
    2. Going to visit a word war II product like a ship
    3. Hitler lost the war and he suicided

  12. I don’t really know any questions

    2.I would like to have a trip to the R.A.F Royal Air Force museum as it has cool things like planes and if you book you might go in a plane from WW2

  13. Apparently, (I watched this in the TV yesterday, you can never be sure with the past,) the people piloting the planes would drop bricks onto other German pilots. They also threw down steel darts and if it hit a man it could split him in half! Later on they upgraded to gun with this special timing built in so that the bullets shot through the gaps in the propeller in perfect timing, but the Germans copies their design.

  14. WILLIAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    I would have liked to learn more about Ann Frank and if there were any other people that hid in secret rooms like the Anix

  15. I have enjoyed learning how the people mend their clothes and discovering different types of propaganda posters. I also enjoyed hearing experiences from different people during the Second World War, such as Kitty the evacuee. I think it was very interesting to know different sides of the story, and how people felt or thought during that period of time.

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