Our new topic for the Spring term is Explorers!

This is an exciting History topic and we will be learning to recount the lives of Neil Armstrong, Christopher Columbus, Garrett Morgan and many more!

Have a think about these big questions and answer in the box below!

What is the best invention to help us to travel?
What would happen if we journeyed beyond our planet?

I can’t wait to see your comments!

Miss Pycroft


10 comments on “Explorers!

  1. I think everyone will do a good job at this⭐️.

  2. I agree Aiden!

  3. Charles Y2 says:

    I think everyone will do a good job at this and I can’t wait for your assembly

  4. Thank you Charles- I think so too!

  5. I think a boat is the best invention. Like Christopher Columbus who travelled to lots of different countries. But he went to the west instead of going east.

  6. That is some great thinking Erin- well done!

  7. I think the best invention is the plane.

  8. Miss Pycroft says:

    It is a pretty great invention!

  9. AM JOHnson she fly to Australia England

  10. I think a Amy Johnson was really, really tired and she flies to Australia. 🥵🥵🥵🥵🇦🇺😵‍💫

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