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Each week we are going to post a big question to discuss for our topic of ‘Planet Earth’. These questions often require a lot of thinking and discussing, so talk to your family and talk to your friends on the blog. Other people’s answers might make you think about something else.

Try and give reasons in your answer, use ‘because’ and include some facts to explain your point.

This week’s big question is:

Does it really matter if I recycle or not?

12 comments on “Big Question: Topic

  1. Yes, it will make a huge difference if we all recycle because recycling helps to stop pollution.

  2. Miss Carruthers says:

    It really does. What can we recylcle?

  3. Yes, my mummy is really strict with recycling. It makes a huge difference if you do. For example, batteries:- If they are not recycled, they might pollute the groundwater.

  4. Miss Carruthers says:

    That’s a really interesting point, and good to remember.

  5. I’m just like your mummy Sophia and very strict with my recycling. I wish we had food composting bins here in central London. Also I think about things going into rivers and then into the sea!

  6. Yes, we need to recycle more because turtles normally eat jellyfish. That’s where we come in, because the turtles think plastic bags are jellyfish and eat them and die.
    The streets of London will get dirtier and dirtier and dirtier if we do not recycle.

  7. Yes because big fish 🐟 and small fish are eating little bits of plastic that people throw in the sea. One day I saw a man who built a castle🏰 and village 🏘️ from plastic bottles from the beach ⛱️. He was king 👑 of it.

  8. Wow Finley it must have taken a lot of bottles to build a castle and a village. l like what the man did but am sad he found so many bottles on the beach. People really should be careful and recycle bottles properly

  9. Yes Nadine and plastic straws can get stuck in turtles’ noses.

  10. Mrs O’Neill says:

    I agree, it is so important that we are all thinking about how important it is to recycle.

  11. Sophie Ma says:

    We can recycle by not using plastic bags and reuse paper for drawing and other things.

  12. That’s so true Sophie

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