Class 4 Homework Feedback

Dear parents and pupils,

Our new homework system has been in place for a term now and it would be great to know your thoughts about how it is working. Please let us know the positive elements of the new homework system and any suggestions for improvement. Your feedback is always greatly appreciated. Thank you.

8 comments on “Class 4 Homework Feedback

  1. I love our new homework because it is fun.

  2. Miss Coleman says:

    Thank you for your positive feedback Nexia.

  3. The thing I like about the homework is that we don’t have
    to write sentences for the spellings and that we have fun
    Mathletics homework. The thing I don’t like about the homework
    is that we have to write comments.

  4. Miss Coleman says:

    Thank you Liza, I’m pleased that you are think some of the homework is fun. There will always need to be some writing as it’s really important that we have a record of your reading and that you have the opportunity to share your Wednesday Word reflections. If you can think of a better way instead of writing comments, please let me know.

  5. I really like the new homework .
    What I like is that for the spelling we don’t have to write some sentences.
    I like the creative homework, firstly because it is fun and it good, secondly because you can improve your self in drawing and thirdly it is good to know how to find facts on the computer .

  6. I really like the homework because you do something fun such as creative homework and mathletics. It is also fun with the reflection and the spelling because it really works your brain out!

  7. I really like the homework because we can make things and draw things, not just write things down in our homework book.

  8. I love how we get to choose what we do for our creative curriculum anod how our homework is more fun.

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