Class 5 Homework Feedback

Dear parents and pupils,

Our new homework system has been in place for a term now and it would be great to know your thoughts about how it is working. Please let us know the positive elements of the new homework system and any suggestions for improvement. Your feedback is always greatly appreciated. Thank you.

8 comments on “Class 5 Homework Feedback

  1. Ysabella Year 5 says:

    The new homework is really fun and you get to be creative. However, I don’t quite understand the R.E. homework.

    P.S: Thanks for showing my homework Miss! 🙂

  2. Miss Coleman says:

    Thank you Ysabella, I’m glad you are enjoying the creative homework. I really liked your building design! Please speak to Mrs Hassan and she will explain the RE homework to you.

  3. I’m really enjoying the homework!

  4. Miss Coleman says:

    Thank you Jose, I’m pleased that you are enjoying the homework.

  5. I am very happy with my homework and I am also impressed with my solar system garland.

  6. I really like the new homework, it is fun and creative but challenging as well!

  7. I really like the Wednesday Word reflection sheet, I believe reflecting on my week and how I have behaved, makes me try harder to act like God.

  8. I like the new homework because you can do more fun things and be creative.

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