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Welcome to the Class 4 reading blog…

This blog is a chance for us all to share which books we are reading at home.

You might want to recommend a book to us all or write a book review!

You could even tell us about your favourite characters and explain why.

Maybe you haven’t finished reading your book yet but you could make a prediction about what may happen next!

Please keep checking this blog to see which books your friends are reading… there may be some good recommendations!

Remember to read a variety of fiction and non-fiction books too!

I am looking forward to seeing your recommendations!

From Miss Lee

53 comments on “Class 4 Reading Blog

  1. I loved the book True or Poo by Dani Rabaiotti and Nick Caruso. It tells you lots of facts and then wraps it up in a fun way (the drawings are great too)!

  2. Can you tell us an interesting fact from your book?

  3. Well, one says that a woodpecker’s tongue is so long that it wraps around it’s skull!

  4. My dad and I have been reading Hugo Cabret. What are you reading?

  5. I’ve not read that one. What’s it about?

  6. I have decided to read the Harry Potter books again. They are my favourites. Sometimes I listen to the audio books too!

  7. I like them too but I did not think fifth one is as good.

    Hi everyone!

  8. There is this series called “100 things to know about Science” for example or maybe Space. I like them because sometimes they might surprise you with what they show you in the book.

  9. Sounds like a fascinating series of books! Can you tell us your favourite fact from one of these books?

  10. That sounds great! 🤓
    Where did you get it?

  11. Good morning Miss Lee! I have chosen to read Judy Moody. My favourite character, of course, is Judy. Sometimes, I do become a tiny, tiny bit like her. In a nark. I mean, we ALL get into narks (a bad mood).

  12. Thank you for sharing 🙂
    I have not read this book before. I will have to add it to my reading list!

  13. Morning Miss Lee, I have finished reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. It’s a fantastic story and I recommend reading it! I would rate it 10/10! 🙂

  14. Great! What is your favourite part of the book and why?

  15. Mrs Casey says:

    Which Peculiar Child did you like best, Aisha? I liked Emma who was so light she had to wear leaded shoes..but my favourite is Miss Peregrine because it must be wonderful to turn into a bird (and manipulate time!).

  16. My book is about a boy living in the train station because his dad died in a fire . So he had to live with his grandpa, but he never returned. His dad found a robot they thought it could write something . So the boy had to live by himself and make the robot . He had to steal food and toys . He loved making things that had gears. He had a notebook that his dad gave him, that had all the gears to make the robot . Then a man took it from him . A girl is trying to stop the man from burning the boy’s notebook . And the boy doesn’t want to show what’s in his notebook.

  17. Sounds mysterious! I will have to add this one to my reading list too!

  18. It is a great book Pablo, I think you will be studying it in Year 5. There is also a very good film adaption!

  19. I have been reading Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle.
    They are great detective stories, I really recommend them.
    I am reading The Speckled Band.

  20. Sherlock Holmes is a great series of books!
    What is The Speckled Band about?

  21. I also like Artemis Fowl because of how it’s written in the perspective of the villain.

  22. Hi everyone! I have just finished reading “Bad Dad” by David Walliams. It is a great book! I like this book because it is unusual. Actually it is called ”Bad Dad” but it is the story of a caring dad! So the lesson is don’t judge a book by its cover! My favourite character is Frank, the son, because he is brave and clever.

  23. A great book review! Thank you 🙂
    What will you read next?

  24. Morning Miss Lee, I really enjoyed this book called Beasts of Olympus, Beast Keeper. It is about this boy called Pandemonius, but people call him demon. His mother works on a farm and his dad is a god. One day, his dad took him away to Mount Olympus. He had to clean the stables of the gods and look after immortal animals. I’ll stop there because I don’t want to spoil it for you!

  25. This book sounds intriguing! Thank you Holly!
    I wonder if it has any links to ancient myths?
    I will have to read it to find out the ending!

  26. Hi everyone next I am going to read The World’s Worst Children. When I am finished, I am going to tell you about it. But not the end… I am not going to spoil it!

  27. Wonderful! I can’t wait to read your book review! Maybe you could write a prediction on this blog when you have read some of it?

  28. Hello Martin

    Did you know that David Walliams is reading one story a day from ‘The World’s Worst Children’ for the next 30 days? You can hear the stories at 11.00 on his website and it’s free!

  29. Stone age books have inspired me to write my own book. It is called Worm Hole. It is about this girl called Trisha and her brother called Zac. They fall into a worm hole and are sent back in time to the Dinosaur era. I haven’t finished writing it yet , but I’ll let you know when I am done. What books are you all reading, since I last saw you?

  30. Sounds great Holly, would you be able to write a little bit of your book on this blog so that we can all read it? 😀

  31. I really enjoyed the Wizard of Oz and the adventures Dorothy, the scarecrow, the tin woodman and the lion had together. I like this book because it has all sorts of expeditions that the group has to go on, so when they arrive at the Emerald city of Oz, the Wizard said they had to kill the Wicked Witch of the West before he would grant their wishes. I was surprised when I read that the Wicked Witch of the East’s shoes (the ruby red slippers) weren’t red but were actually silver! The other thing I noticed was different between the movie and the book was that Dorothy did not say there’s no place like home when clicking her heels together, but she said, “I want to go home to Aunt Em.” If you like reading classic I 10/10 recommend this book.😁.

  32. I agree this is a great book! I was so glad to see so many of you from Class 4 dress as the characters from this book on World Book Day!

  33. Hi Lucy! Hopefully I’ll be able to read the Wizard of Oz. Miss u!

  34. My favourite book is Middle School the Worst Years of My Life because on the front cover the teacher said to Rafe “Late again! Remain seated until the bell rings!”.

  35. Who is your favourite character from this book and why?

  36. Hi everyone, today I’m going to read Charlie and His Fabulous Potion.

  37. Great! Let us know if you are enjoying it!

  38. I am reading this book that’s been written by various children. It is called The Children’s Story-writing Competition 2018. There was even a story about a super burger. How crazy is that?! 🤣😊😂

  39. That sounds very funny! 🍔

  40. Stella👾👾 says:

    I have written a story following Daisy Meadows writing ✍️

    A Very Pleasant High School Surprise! (NOT)

    Dear Diary,
    Today I woke up early this morning because of my littlest sister, Stacie. She screamed snow 🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨 so loud the whole cottage could hear her! When I looked at the clock it was 11:24 in the morning. Well, when I told you she woke me soooo early, I might have meant soooo early in the afternoon! Still early in the morning for me at least! Now, I just need to go get my breakfast 🍳🍳🥐🥞🥖 BYE!

    See that?
    A little girl wrote it years and years ago. Many years ago. She was an excellent, soft, pretty, little woman. She’d 😄 smile at everyone she saw. She had straight, long, blonde hair and twinkling, sparkly, brown eyes. Her name was Emma Cherry DeMaria Stace Roberts. She was kind. She started my story off.
    So,let us start……

    One freezing cold day, when snow ❄️ was pouring out the windows,Emma woke up. It was now 8:56a.m. and in 4 minutes, her mum will gently be opening the door🚪. One secret 🗝🗝🗝that you need to know is…3 minutes. No not that I was just saying 3 minutes until you know what will happen. The secret is that she ❤️ you know what I mean…

  41. Wow Stella! ⭐
    I really enjoyed reading this! I wonder what will happen next?

  42. Lately I have been reading the book called,’ The Secret Garden by Johanna Basford ‘ I am really enjoying reading this book and am glad to say its a book that you can never put down! This book is also very mysterious and you never know what Emiee is going to find.

  43. I loved reading this book when I was younger! It was my favourite! 🙂

  44. I have it at home 🏡 and it is great!
    I’ve already read it all in 3 nights because like you said “you can never put it down!”

  45. Thank you mrs casey for telling me about the story on his website

  46. You’re very welcome, Martin, I hope you’re enjoying them!

  47. Firstly, have you guys been ok during these past few weeks?

    Secondly, I have recently been reading The Secret Seven collection. I enjoy these books because I love adventure books and The Secret Seven have many adventures. Have you already read this collection?

    Once I have read all of the collection(don’t worry I read fast) , I will tell you all that I liked about it and a short review of it. But NOT until then.

    Anyway, I hope that we go back to school soon, because I will burst if I don’t see you all soon!!

  48. Hello

    I was reading a comic book and it is called Baden Powell and Baden Powell is the person who invented Scouts.

  49. Mrs Casey says:

    Hello Louis, did you enjoy your comic book? Can you tell me any interesting facts about Baden-Powell?

  50. I have just finished reading The Hundred-mile-an-hour-dog Christmas Chaos, the 5th book in the series. I think The Hundred-mile-an-hour-dog series is good for people who enjoy laughing so hard it feels like your head is about to fall off!!!

  51. The book that I just finished is called big weather. It is a non fiction book that talks about every day weather. There’s an interesting fact in the book let me tell you it, an ice storm can split trees in half, snap telephone poles and bend metal pylons.

  52. I enjoyed the book The 91-Storey Treehouse made by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton. They are friends that make books, and they started with the 13-Storey Treehouse so in every consecutive book they add another 13 storeys to their Treehouse. They have amazing things on the storeys of their Treehouse, like inside pools, shark tanks, a bun fighting level and an automatic marshmallow machine.

    I liked the book because it was hilarious, and the characters were being annoying to other characters, and it made me laugh. The books are creative, funny, and you never know what’s going to happen next.

  53. Hi everyone, I’ve finished the series on the hundred-mile-an-hour-dog too. Which book did you enjoy the most in the series Lucy[and anyone else who is reading the series]? Also, when I read the books they make my stomach hurt because I’ve been laughing so hard!!!🤣🤣😂

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