Big Question: RE

Each week we are going to post a big question to discuss for RE. These questions often require a lot of thinking and discussing, so talk to your family and talk to your friends on the blog. Other people’s answers might make you think about something else.

In RE, we are learning about Lent and Easter, and all the opportunities we have each day to do good.

This week’s big question is:

What helps a person to choose what is right and good?

Try to think about what helps us to make good decision. How do we know what is the right choice to make? Do you know any Bible stories or examples that help us?


10 comments on “Big Question: RE

  1. Dear Miss Carruthers,

    I know a Bible story called The Good Samaritan. He was the only one who helped a man that had his money stolen by robbers. The robbers threw the man to the floor and he was hurt. Many people went past him doing nothing. The Good Samaritan helped him.
    I know that I make a good decision if it makes other people happy. If it makes other people sad, it is not a good choice.


  2. Miss Carruthers says:

    I agree Sophia, it is always good to make other people happy and that is an easy way to make sure we are always making the right choices.

  3. Do you know Sophia that the postman rang on my mum’s doorbell this morning and talked to her from the pavement and she answered back through her kitchen window. He wanted to know if she was ok. She lives on the first floor and is very old. It made her very happy so I think the postman made a very good and kind decision. He even said he would call back and check on her tomorrow.

  4. Dear Miss C,

    That was really nice from the postman!


  5. Ask my parents. Think about it.
    We would know if we hurt someone. We would feel good after we did it.
    One day, Jesus was very tired. Sick people came to him and he healed them. He didn’t feel tired anymore.

  6. I think we should think carefully Finley about our actions but if we make a mistake and hurt someone we should always apologise. We usually know what is or isn’t a good choice but if we make the wrong choice we can learn from it. What do you think?

  7. Sophie Ma says:

    There is a story where a little boy gave Jesus very few fishes a loaf of bread which were not enough for everyone to share but Jesus made it possible to give it to everyone. Jesus’s sharing made everyone very happy. He did the right choice. So I think sharing and caring makes a person to make a right choice.

  8. Yes you’re right Sophie. If people have too much food today it would be the right choice to share it with people who don’t have enough or who, like old people, can’t get to the shops. We can learn a lot from Bible stories.

  9. Dear Miss C

    We would feel good when we do the right choice.

    You would know it is a bad choice if you hurt someone.

    Sorry I was not clear.

  10. You’re quite right Finley. I knew exactly what you meant.

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