End of Project Celebration Ideas

Please share your ideas for what we can do for our End of Project celebrations. We want all the parents to find out what we have been learning about in ‘Wild Weather Extreme Earth’ in a fun way!

6 comments on “End of Project Celebration Ideas

  1. We can do something where the parents come in when there is an earthquake.

  2. For the end of the term we could make a volcano, we could cook meatballs and other food that make you think of volcanoes, put red napkins on the table and make the class hot.

    If we can’t do the volcano, we could play music that sounds like water and wind, make statues of tornadoes which we can make in teams, open the windows to make the class cold and stick blue tissue paper on the fan so when we turn it on, the paper will blow in the “wind”.

  3. Miss, we could do a workshop and maybe sell stuff that we have made to our parents?

  4. We can act out an earthquake and try out the earthquake drill that we learnt about.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I think we could put on a play for the parents with someone giving out hot chili peppers and a water drinking contest. The parents could be students and we could teach them about the water cycle and where typhoons and cyclones come from. It would be like our parents are going to school….again!

  6. We can also put posters up of the little film we make.

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