Class 6 Homework Feedback

Dear parents and pupils,

Our new homework system has been in place for a term now and it would be great to know your thoughts about how it is working. Please let us know the positive elements of the new homework system and any suggestions for improvement. Your feedback is always greatly appreciated. Thank you.

12 comments on “Class 6 Homework Feedback

  1. I really like it as we get to share what we are doing at home for our homework. I like showing what I’ve learnt in my creative homework. It’s nice when some people bring food in from their home countries like the picture shown above. It’s nice when people bring in their artwork in with their opinions and what it means to them.
    I think we should keep this homework system 🙂

  2. Miss Coleman says:

    Thank you for such positive feedback Talia. I agree with your comments.

  3. Yes, I agree. I really like the new system and I find it nice to be able to share our skills and to share what we’ve done. However, I would like to have a bit more homework where we actually write big pieces of writing like we had last year.

  4. Miss Coleman says:

    Thank you Berangere, this is interesting feedback for us to consider.

  5. I like this homework system but I think that the Maths should be done in books because you have to show the working out when on Mathletics you can just use a calculator.

  6. Miss Coleman says:

    Thanks Topaz, we appreciate your feedback. Some children show their maths workings in their homework book-why don’t you try this and just use a calculator when you want to check your answers?

  7. I really like this new homework system beacuse we get to share our creativity and learn from other people’s homework as well when they share it. It’s also much simpler for us because we don’t need a reading diary and we don’t need to bring so many books home every week, instead we only need one. Also because before this new system not many children were reading the Wednesday Word, but really that is the most important part of our homework since it’s focused on Jesus and the Bible which we all need to be reading. The Wednesday Word doesn’t even take long, it only takes about 5-10 minutes, and it’s a special time to read it with your family.
    So I think we should definitely be keeping this new homework system and if anything is to change it’s the spelling which I think needs some extra challenges- at least 5 every 2 weeks.

  8. Miss Coleman says:

    This is useful, detailed feedback Isadora-thank you. I am especially pleased that you value the Wednesday Word homework. We will review your point about the spellings.

  9. I love the homework system because everything you need to know is in one yellow book. Also I like creative homework because you get to choose a fun activity each week and you get to share it with the class.

  10. Miss Coleman says:

    It’s wonderful to receive such positive feedback. Thank you Kian.

  11. Thank you for all your helpful comments, Class 6. We will definitely think about the spellings and can include more opportunities for responding to Creative homework tasks by writing next term. Miss Coleman has also made a good point about writing down your Maths workings for Mathletics if you want to (hopefully nobody is just using a calculator to work out answers as this would not help you to improve your Maths skills at all!). We are happy to give out squared paper if you need it.
    Finally, we wanted to say how much we love seeing all your fabulous, creative homework. The imagination and creativity shown by some of you is outstanding! We appreciate all of the effort that you put into completing your homework each week.

  12. I think for our Wednesday Word homework we could do it on the school website so many parents and children would be able to read our reflections. Or we can still do it in our books, but instead of bringing the paper home we can post the Wednesday Word pictures on the website as well.

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