Enterprise Week

We have had such a great week in Year 2 this week. We have been designing and creating a product to make a profit!

What was your favourite part about enterprise week? It could be anything such as coming up with the idea, creating a production line to make the product or even selling the product!

17 comments on “Enterprise Week

  1. My favorite part of enterprise week was selling because we had so much fun and we sold lots.

  2. My favourite part was selling things because it was fun.

  3. I was really happy when I was buying the fridge magnets with my friends.

  4. My favourite thing about Enterprise Week was creating our product because it was lots of fun.

  5. My favourite part of Enterprise Week was making the animal fridge magnets.

  6. My favourite was when I went to buy fridge magnets.

  7. My favourite part of Enterprise Week was selling because it was fun and we earned lots of money!

  8. I loved the part when I purchased things from other classes.


  10. I loved buying Year 4’s one. I even had it in my pumpkin!

  11. During Enterprise Week it was so much fun selling and giving 50p change back to school friends.

  12. My favourite part in Enterprise Week was buying a Year 4 candle because they were pretty.

  13. I loved buying the puppets.

  14. My favourite bit about Enterprise Week was when I bought the fridge magnets from Year 2’s class. It was so much fun!

  15. My favourite part of Enterprise Week was when we were making the
    beautiful fridge magnets.I also enjoyed buying the amazing product
    from other classes.

  16. My favourite part of Enterprise Week was when we were making
    the beautiful fridge magnets. I also loved buying the pretty, sparkly, amazing products.

  17. This week my favourite thing was to make shopping clips for Enterprise Week so that the whole school could by them. I liked it because we could colour a paper animal in with felt tip pens and stick it on a paper clips after that was done that we could do another one and another one so we had lots to sell!

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