Favourite Books!

We have been leaning about different types of book lately. Can you tell us what your favourite type of books are at the moment? You can tell us what type of book it is or even the names of the books you have been enjoying.

21 comments on “Favourite Books!

  1. Miss Hoyle says:

    I love reading non-fiction books about animals. It is very interesting to find out lots of new information. I also enjoy the photos with captions.

  2. I love information books because there is a glossary and we can learn more words and I also like looking at the pictures because they teach you as well.

  3. I have been enjoying the Spiderman book it gives you alot of facts about him.???

  4. My favourite book is an Atlas because it shows us the world.

  5. My favourite book is the Bible because the Bible has a lot of stories about the life of Jesus and before Jesus was born.

  6. I love reading Geronimo Stilton books

  7. Hania Year 6 says:

    I love books that are full of adventure and that I can’t stop reading. The type of books I like are fiction. With lots of descriptions. (They are usually very long!)

  8. I love reading inside out??(Joy)

  9. My favourite books are chapter books because they have lots of funny things.Sometimes, I can’t even stop reading!

  10. My favourite books are information books because they give you more information about things.

  11. My favourite book is world map atlas because I love to see the Pacific ocean on the map and the flags?!

  12. My favourite type of books are chapter books because I like to read a lot. My favourite author is Roald Dahl. My favourite book is “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”; I’ve read it twice!

  13. My favourite book is ‘Micro the Metal Dog’ because I love Micro’s ideas.

  14. Another of my favourite books is Spiderman it gives you lots of facts about him.

  15. I love reading books to discover new stories.

  16. My favourite book is The Pirates Next Door. Like Matilda I would like to bring a pirate to school.

  17. And another of my favourite books is the dictionary because I can learn new words.

  18. My favourite story is Horrid Henry because he is always naughty.

  19. My favorite story is Little Red Riding Hood because I really like when she met the wolf.

  20. My favourite stories are the ones written by the author Roald Dahl because they are really interesting. They are so interesting,that I can’t get my nose out of the books!?

  21. My favorite book is the Wizard of Oz because the witch thinks that Dorothy’s shoes are hers.

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