Wild Weather Extreme Earth!

Our new project this term is all about the crazy weather on our amazing earth! Please share below what you already know about volcanoes tornadoes, earthquakes, avalanches…anything!. I look forward to finding out what you share with everyone.

21 comments on “Wild Weather Extreme Earth!

  1. One volcano exploded lava up to 23,000 feet high .

  2. If raindrops fall down very close to the sun they turn
    into one big rainbow

  3. Snow falls as billions of little flakes. Tiny crystals form when water vapour attaches to pollen or dust particles in the air and freezes into ice. These grow into six-sided crystals,which float to the ground.

  4. Sometimes rain turns into rainbows.

  5. A person survived 7 lightning attacks but he died from a gun shot!

  6. I will tell you two facts about volcano’s!
    1. a volcano in Indonesia once erupted so loud that the other side of the world could hear it!
    2. another volcano (I don’t know where) had a great force in its first eruption that before it erupted it was a mountain and then in the eruption the top of the mountain went flying off!

  7. In Tornado Alley there are about 700-800 Tornadoes every year so there is an average chance of 2 every day!

  8. If you ask me where a whirlpool would take you, well, you would just go nowhere! It would just take you down a bit before you drown and die, I hope this helps you!

  9. People live in Tornado Alley because they don’t have a choice – people have to because they don’t want to die in lava!

  10. North America is known for its tornados. Floods are caused by rain overflowing in a short period of time.

  11. Once there was thunder snow in Chicago. SO Crazy in the ice! The snow was struck by lightening so it was electrical snow!

  12. Later a Volcano (In August 30, 2013) had clouds around it shooting lightening upwards. Strangely, the lightening wasn’t coming from the clouds but from the volcano itself! Before that in August 14 2013 there was a thunderstorm, after earth strikes back and shoots lightening from its surface!

  13. Alexandre told me that Hector told him that once it was so hot that the sun evaporated so much of the sea that fish came up with the water vapour! Later it rained water somewhere and FISH in another place! Another time on October 10, 2013 a rare but beautiful weather of what some people call incredible Iridescent clouds covered the skies! Some parts were purple, some blue, some grey, some even COLOUR CHANGE(which means they were one colour and then they majestically turn to another colour!) This is the strangest and most beautiful weather produced to me!

  14. On strangest conditions Mother Nature creates her own snowballs called snow rollers. These can’t be replicated by humans. They look really beautiful. Most of my comments are from a website called strangest weather on earth. Click on the first website.

  15. A long, long time ago in the olden days there was a big, big, big, big sandstorm and the people could not breathe.

  16. Once in Australia the sun was shining so much at the
    rainforest that it burnt down the whole forest. The
    fire burnt down the rain forest so much that it killed
    almost all the animals there.

  17. Water can make lava cool down!

  18. Two years ago a hurricane passed very close to our home in Florida in the Gulf of Mexico and we had to board up the entire house to protect it. The wind was so strong and the sea level was so high that the beach disappeared for a day!

  19. 390 miles away, underneath the Laacher See Lake in Germany, is a hidden volcano capable of ejecting tons of magma! It erupts every 10,000 to 12,000 years. It last went off 12,900 years ago.

  20. A Volcano is made out of stone and lava.

  21. Just after Christmas New York had a snow storm and it was against the law to go outside there because there was snow everywhere ! Luckily no one was effected by the snow storm but it must have been very cold and scary.

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