Favourite books!

We love reading in Year 2 and enjoyed celebrating World Book Day together! We are always looking for new books to read.

What is your favourite book and why?

3 comments on “Favourite books!

  1. My favourite book is Pokémon because some of the Pokémons are cute and cool. They have cool powers like teleportation.

  2. My favourite book is Fantastic Mr Fox because the farmers are funny.

  3. My favourite book is the Nutcracker, because it is sweet and magical and has a fairy with a pink dress.👚Let me tell you the start of the story: It is about a little girl,👧🏻and it was Christmas 🎄 eve. Then someone of the family🌸🧔🏻came. The person of the family gave a present to the little girl.👧🏻 🎁 When the little girl went to sleep 💤 she wondered what the present 💝 was going to be? So she went down stairs to see what it was going to be. It was a Nutcracker! She loved it so much that she cuddled it. Then some magic happened!The little girl 👧🏻 was getting smaller and smaller! Then the Nutcracker suddenly talked! Then it said the little girls name! Then the Nutcracker said “I’m here to save you”! Then the mouse king 👑 came. He was not kind at all!

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