What type of transport have you travelled on?

What was it like to travel on your chosen transport?

21 comments on “What type of transport have you travelled on?

  1. Catherine says:

    I have travelled on an aeroplane, my most favourite thing to do on the aeroplane is look out of the window at the beautiful clouds

  2. A speedboat goes fast and there are different kinds of speedboats. I never went on a speedboat. I’ve seen one before but I didn’t go on it.

  3. I’ve travelled in a London taxi. I like it because the seat folds up and you can see backwards. The taxi can drive on the motorway and take you to the airport. 🚖

  4. Madeleine. says:

    I have travelled on an aeroplane . I like to look out of the window to look at the things outside. I also like to sleep on it. I and my dad like to eat food on it. I like to land and when to start to go. And when i look at videos on it. I like to go high and fly.

  5. Emilia Rose says:

    My favourite kind of transport is the bike because I can ride it sitting down and pedal standing up!

  6. I really love my bicycle because I can freewheel on it and still keep moving.

  7. I travelled on a boat last summer during the holidays.

  8. I like bullet trains because they go faster than a motorbike.

  9. I went on a train called Eurostar between London and Paris last December. I went in the tunnel under the sea. It was very exciting!

  10. I have travelled on the London Underground tube train. I like to look at all of the different tube train lines on the map, they are all different colours.

  11. My favourite two vehicles to travel on are 1) jet skis and 2) hovercrafts. They both travel really fast on water and I am lucky enough to have been on both!

  12. I love the bus because it is my favourite colour red and it can carry about 50 people on it so it is good for the environment. It is very relaxing and I love when I sleep on it for long trips. Also, it is very warm and it has a driver girl or boy, you never know who it will be.

  13. I like my scooter because it goes fast and I can have a race with John. I have three wheels on my scooter.

  14. I like navy submarines because they can go under water and they have torpedoes. You can look through the periscope to see if any ships are coming.

  15. My favourite transport is a police car because they have a siren.

  16. Steam trains have a big fire place to put coal and you can still go on steam trains.

  17. Last Summer I went on an aeroplane to Portugal. Planes are my favourite because I want to be a pilot one day.

  18. I went in a car.

  19. I have travelled with the Mail Rail which involves a 15 minute journey under the streets of London (former depot of Mail Rail). This was a lot of fun. 🚂

  20. My favourite transport is the overground train, because I like to look at the view outside the window. The overground train goes very fast.

  21. I have been on lots of different kinds of transport, but my two favourite are a scooter and a bike. My Dad is teaching me how to ride a two-wheel bike.🚴🙃🙂🦄🐬🐳

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