Our next topic in Year 2 will be a brand new topic! We will be learning all about food and farming in the UK.

Farming has been practiced for thousands of years across the British Isles, and we will be learning all about the different types of farming that take place here in the UK. We will learn about plants that are grown, the foods that they produce, and we will also be thinking about the types of farms that keep and raise animals. We will be developing lots of our geographical skills throughout this topic, as we will look at weather patterns in the UK, thinking about how this influences the food that we produce and buy as a result. We will also be improving and practicing our map skills, as we aim to be able to identify fields and farms on aerial photographs.

Another exciting aspect of this topic is that we will be creating a link with a school in North Yorkshire, as lots of their pupils come from agricultural (or farming) backgrounds. Whilst they teach us about what life is like in the North East of England, in a rural area, we will be drawing back on our knowledge of cities, especially London. This will be such a great opportunity for us to develop our new learning and understanding, whilst also drawing back on our prior knowledge from other topics.

We will then use all of this to compare the differences between cities, farms and rural areas and the coast.

As this is a new topic for our school, I would love to know all about what you are interested to find out!

Have any of you ever been to a farm? If so, what did you see?

What types of animals might be raised on a farm?

What type of crops or plants do you think are grown?

What would you really like to find out about?

10 comments on “Food and Farming in the UK!

  1. My friends live on a farm. They have some sheep and cows. They have an electric fence to stop them escaping. One day the sheep escaped and everyone had to chase after them. There is a lake with fish. They also have tractors. I would like to find out about baby animals and what the animals eat and what farmers do everyday.

  2. Yes I have been to a farm. I saw a pig a cow and lots of horses.
    On the farm there might be some pigs, chickens, cows, horses and ducks. I think that lots of grass and wheat grow on farms. I would like to find out about what life is like in a farm for the children who live there.

  3. Yes I have been to a farm and I saw pigs, ponies, donkeys, rabbits and cows.
    Sheep and goats might also be raised on a farm.
    Crops like vegetables, fruit and grains are grown on farms too.
    In our new topic, I would like to find out if farm animals see things the same way as humans do?. Do they see colour like us?

  4. I have been to a farm and I would like to go again.
    At the farm I saw horses , pigs, sheep, and cows.
    I saw wheat and corn and apples and so much more.
    I would like to know how they grow the wheat and corn?And how do they pick it?

  5. Madeleine says:

    Yay , I can’t wait to hear more on food and farming ! I hope we will have a great time and I wonder if we are going to the farm.
    Yes I have been to a farm in nursery and I saw cows,pigs,chickens,donkeys, sheep,ducks and horses !Also my Godfather was raised in a farm. His family was raising pigs only but not anymore.
    In some farm I think there is wheat, corn, potatoes, strawberries, lettuce and carrots.

  6. Sienna 🙂 says:

    I can’t wait to do more art work

  7. I’ve been to a farm to! I saw two cats and one baby cat. I fed a lamb with my dad. I also saw two hens. The ginger cat is really attracted to everybody! The black cat isn’t really easy to stroke, but it’s the mother of the baby cat! There also was a boy called Bailey who were elderly people.

  8. Sibylle says:

    1.I went in my uncle’s farm there was some chickens, ducks, a dog, cats, rabbits and even a horse. I went in his tractor.
    2.A pig might be raised on a farm and also sheeps
    3. Maybe a flower might be on a farm with Sunflowers and daisys
    4.I would like to know how animals feel like in a farm and learn about organic and non-organic.

  9. I have never been in a farm. But my great-grandfather had a very big farm. So I can’t wait to hear more about animals of the farm and their life.

  10. Alexander year 2 says:

    I liked Broadstairs because we could do sandcastles

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