Food Glorious Food!

Our Summer topic is ‘Food Glorious Food!’

What is your favourite food? What is your least favourite food?

Do you enjoy cooking? What do you like to make?

Comment below!

3 comments on “Food Glorious Food!

  1. Hi Year three! Do you know about Thomas Jefferson? He was an American person and was the third president of the United States. He travelled to France and found out their foods were a total delish 🤤! When he went back home 🏠 he prepared a feast for everyone to try. When the feast was finished everything was gone except for…the love apples!(which are tomatoes 🍅 today). In America people believed that they were poisonous ☠️. One day Thomas Jefferson was walking in the city 🌃 and had a stock of tomatoes he was going to eat. Everyone thought 💭 Oh No!😬 . People said, `You’re going to die! STOP! 🛑.’ But he ate it and people became more curious about the tomatoes. One by one he munched on them and people started trying them.

    P.S. In the feast there was macaroni cheese, tomatoes, ice cream and french fries.

  2. Mrs Lynch says:

    Hello Year 3,
    It’s Mrs Lynch here. I love cooking one of my favourite things to cook is a yummy roast dinner and today I taught my grown up son James how to cook Chilli Con Carne. He doesn’t usually cook but because we are all at home I am using this time to teach him some new skills. I will let you know how he gets on.
    Maybe some of you can learn to cook some new things too.

  3. Yum! that sounds delicious Mrs Lynch. I love tasting food you know. I’m very curious!

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