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  • The name ‘Viking’ means ‘a pirate raid’ in the Old Norse language.
  • Around 500 years before Christopher Columbus ‘discovered’ the American continent, Vikings had visited its shores, landing in what is now Canada in around AD 1000.
  • Among the many gods Vikings believed in were Thor, the god of thunder, and Loki, a cheeky mischief-maker who could shape-shift to become all different kinds of animals. What a beast!
  • The Vikings were expert boat builders and sailors. Keels – central spines along boats’ bottoms – made their 16 to 37m ‘longboats’ easy to steer, and because these were designed to float high in the water, landing on beaches was easy.
  • They loved to keep themselves clean and tidy. Several Viking excavations have turned up razors, combs, tweezers, and even ear cleaners. It turns out these savage warriors cared quite a lot about their personal hygiene. Historians also believe that the typical Viking citizen bathed at least once a week, far more than any other European group during that time.


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  1. ? Did you know ?
    Anglo-Saxons were immigrants from northern Germany and southern Scandinavia.
    They were the dominant people living in England from the mid fifth century A.D. to the Norman conquest in 1066 Old English came from West Germanic dialects. Some houses were made from wood wattle and daub and some houses had all three. Wattle is made from sticks which were weaved together. Warn is the mud that is used to fill in the holes and find it all together. Sometimes they use manure on the door which kept their homes warm and dry. The houses were also used as workshops where they did weaving and other such Saxon activities. The Saxons traded for any item they couldn’t produce.

  2. Did you know?
    The vikings discovered America before Christopher Columbus and they also lived about 1,000 years ago.They spoke Norse and we’re excellent metalworkers.The vikings used long ships to travel in and their favourite weapon was their sword.

  3. Did you know that the word “Viking” means pirate raid and they became quite famous because of their long distance journey from their home in Scandinavia to the coast of Britain near to Ireland.

    In the Norse religion, it was thought that the vessels that served violent worriers well in life, would help them reach their final destinations when they had died!

    Anglo Saxons
    Anglo Saxons traded for any item they could not produce! They were also immigrants from Northern Germany and Southern Scandinavia.

    Did you know that Vikings were known for their good hygiene!
    The Vikings did not refer to them as Vikings. That name came later, becoming popularised by the 11th century. Viking mythology came long after Roman and Greek mythology, but the Norse gods are far less familiar to us than the Gods like Zeus, Aphrodite, Juno or Nike.

  5. There were many Greek gods but among all of them they believed that Thor, the god of thunder and Loki, the god of mischief, could shape-shift into all different kinds of animals.

  6. Most of the Anglo-Saxons were born fighters they started fighting as soon as they jumped from their ships and battled their way inland. At the head of each attack there was an Anglo-Saxon king leading the charge. Each king was surrounded by a council of advisers known as a witan. This group may have included nobles priests and members of the kings family.The Anglo-Saxon kings hold a feast in their hall.The guests are eating meat cooked over the fire and drinking ale while a poet tells them stories set to music.

  7. Did you know?
    Fenrir Greyback from the Harry Potter series is named after a wolf from Viking mythology!

    When an important Viking died they would bury the dead Viking with all his possessions or put the Viking in a burial ship and then they would either cover the ship with mud or push the boat into the sea.

  8. Did you know that the Vikings raided Turkey and North America as well as Britain – they were definitely scary warriors!
    – Sweyn Forkbeard was the first Viking to rule the whole of England !
    – Vikings built longhouses hidden in the countryside and if a Viking village was burnt down then they would all run to the nearest longhouse!!!
    – Archaeologists sometimes find lots of metal Viking objects buried underground and the biggest collection of objects they found had a minimum of 8500 different items.
    – Thor the God used a hammer to create the thunder !!!
    – Vikings were immigrants from lots of countries and there is so many they are just collectively known as Scandinavian Vikings .

    THANKS AYAKO !!! I love your fact about Fenrir Greyback as he is my favourite character in Harry Potter. I guess now I have to love Viking Mythology too !

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