Our new topic is Toys!

Do you have a favourite toy? What is it?

Do you think you play with the same toys as your parents did when they were children?


4 comments on “Toys!

  1. My favourite toy is superhero action figures I don’t think my mum has the same toys as me when she was little.

  2. My favourite toy is my dolls house. It has lots of stairs and lots of people to play with.

    My mummy used to play with sylvanian families and I play with them too. I also have a puppy that my mummy had when she was a little girl.

  3. My favourite toy is my train set. I like it because I can build it in different ways and make it so cool.
    My dad had a massive train set that he could actually sit on the train and go for a ride around my nan’s living room! 🤣🤣🚂

  4. I like playmobil figures as I can sit them in a car and give them a ride. My dad had lego but no playmobil.

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