Our first topic in Year 2 is LONDON! What a perfect topic to get us exploring the city we live in!

London is a huge city, with lots of different parts.

In your opinion, what makes London a great place to live?

Out of everywhere in the city, where is your favourite place to go? What has been the best place you have visited or seen? Tell us why you like these parts of the city.


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  1. Tower Bridge has two towers on the sides and a bridge – that’s why it is called Tower Bridge!

  2. London is a large city and over ten thousand people live in London.

  3. The tallest building in London is the Shard and it is very pointy and there are many windows.

  4. I like to live in London because you can do a lot of things. My favourite place to go currently is the Science Museum because you can see lots of movies with funny glasses on. I also like to go to Kew Gardens because they have very nice ice-cream there.

  5. Madeleine Yr2 says:

    Tower Bridge was painted red, blue and white to celebrate the Queen Victoria’s silver jubilee.

  6. Madeleine Yr2 says:

    The Monument was built in 1677. It is 61 meters tall. The Monument was built to remember the Great fire of London that started on Monday September 1666. The Monument has 311 steps.

  7. The walkie talkie building – on a very sunny summers day the glare from the walkie-talkie building melted a Jaguar. It melted a car!!

  8. The Shard is my favourite building because it is 310 meters tall.

  9. Big Ben is only the clock of the tower. The tower is called Elizabeth Tower. The Elizabeth clock cracked however and had to be mended. The Elizabeth tower is 315 feet (96 m) tall. There are 334 steps in the Elizabeth tower.

  10. The Great fire of London happened on 2nd of September in Thomas Farrina bakery. On 3rd of September the fire spread quickly. On 4th of september the fire broke down St. Paul’s Cathedral. 7 people died in the fire. 31 333 houses were broken down.

  11. I love London because there are so many places to visit. I love the London Eye because sometimes it is so colourful. On the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 it was red, white and blue.

  12. London is the capital city of England. It has so many places to visit. Some names of famous places are the London Eye, the Shard,the Tower of London,The Gherkiin and Tower Bridge and much more.The Shard is so tall!

  13. Did you know that the Shard is lots of little pieces and The Gherkin is one giant really big piece of curved glass!

  14. Did you know that London was a huge city?

  15. In London there are about 100 Catholic primary schools. My sister Jeanne next year is going to secondary school but it is not a Catholic primary school.

  16. The BT Tower was built in 1961 and is 191 metres tall.

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