Marian Procession-Friday 22nd May

Good morning Year 6 and Happy Friday!

If we were at school, today would have been our Marian Procession. For centuries, the Catholic Church has set aside the entire month of May to honour Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Normally, we create flowers and process to St. James’ Church to enjoy a beautiful celebration of Mary.


In honour of Mary and our Marian procession, all classes are going to create a piece of art that celebrates the mother of Jesus.

This could be a drawing, painting, 3D model, collage or drawing on Paint 3D!

If you prefer you could make a flower for Mary as we would have made at school for the procession (or you could do both art tasks!)

Take a photo of your work and I can add it to the blog.

We look forward to seeing your creations!


Miss Gorick and Mrs Healy xxx


Eliza’s beautiful flower!

Chiara’s beautiful artwork

Just to remind you that next week is Half Term so there will be no blogs posted. I hope that you all have a restful week! Some of you have been asking for some mindful colouring sheets, so I’ve attached some below. Hopefully see you all soon! xxx

Mindful colouring-inspirational quotes

26 comments on “Marian Procession-Friday 22nd May

  1. Elly(●'◡'●) says:

    Hello Miss Gorick, I was just wondering if the date was right at the top of this blog.

  2. Miss Gorick says:

    Oops…yes you are right, I’ve got it wrong! Thanks Elly 🙂

  3. Eliza😀😄 says:

    This will be really fun.

  4. Miss Gorick says:


  5. Sergio ;) says:

    I have sent my work in!

  6. Miss Gorick says:

    Thank you Sergio-I have commented above!

  7. ᑕᕼᗩᖇᒪEᔕ says:

    I am going to make a flower!

  8. Miss Gorick says:

    Super-I can’t wait to see it!

  9. Miss Gorick says:

    Hi Sergio 🙂 Thank you for sending in your beautiful art work! I’m impressed that you managed to create it on Paint 3D-I’ve added it to the blog 🙂

  10. ⚜️Jade⚜️ says:

    Hi Miss I was wondering what you expected for the art.
    What should I make to represent or show Mary?

  11. Miss Gorick says:

    Hi Jade 🙂 Thank you for your question. Now it is really completely up to you. Some people are doing paintings, sketches or collages. Sergio created a picture using Paint 3D (see above). Or you could create an image or model of a flower.

  12. Miss Gorick says:

    Hi Eliza! Thank you for sending in your flower-it is beautiful! I love the colours that you have chosen 🙂

  13. I am going to make flowers at the park with my sister when we have a picnic it will be so much fun.

  14. Miss Gorick says:

    That sounds lovely! Enjoy the sunshine 🙂

  15. Elly Marron(●'◡'●) says:

    I have drawn a flower

  16. Miss Gorick says:

    That sounds lovely 🙂 Please send it in!

  17. Laetitia says:

    I have also drawn a flower 😉

  18. Miss Gorick says:

    I look forward to seeing it!

  19. Elly ●'◡'●) says:

    I have done a drawing.

  20. Miss Gorick says:

    Hi Javier 🙂 Thank you for sending in your beautiful picture to celebrate Mary. I think it is clever how you have created it on Paint 3D-well done!

  21. Good afternoon!
    I have sent my artwork in.

  22. Miss Gorick says:

    Good afternoon 🙂
    Your work is absolutely beautiful-thank you for sending it in! I love the texture that you have created by using different materials. Thank you Chiara!

  23. 🐱‍👤Timothy🐱‍👤👾🤖🎮🤖👾 says:

    This will be fun!

  24. Miss Gorick says:

    I hope you enjoy!

  25. Mrs Avdiu says:

    Miss Gorick, what a talented class you have! Beautiful art work xx

  26. 🌹💐Jade💐🌹 says:

    Hello Mrs Gorick i’m Going to try and do something a bit More crafty🙂🙂🙂

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