Marvellous Marylebone

After the Christmas break, Reception will be learning all about our local area, marvellous Marylebone!

  • We will be identifying all the things that make Marylebone a fantastic place to live and to visit.
  • We will be exploring different ways of making maps and using them to plan our own journey.
  • We will be talking about what attracts so many tourists to our local area
  • We will  be thinking of ways that we can help to make Marylebone even better!

What is your favourite part of Marylebone?

I look forward to hearing from you,

Miss Savage.

11 comments on “Marvellous Marylebone

  1. Mikey Horgan says:

    My favourite bit of Marylebone is the lights that go on on Marylebone High Street at Christmas.

  2. My favourite part of Marylebone is the local park because I can make new friends.

  3. Miss Savage says:

    What signs of the spring have you spotted in the park Sophia?

  4. Marcus Clark says:

    My favourite place in Marylebone is St. James church!
    I like it because it is beautiful. I light candles there with my mum and dad.

  5. I love Marylebone because I love the variety of shops and the park in which I play in after school. Every day is an adventure in Marylebone and I am very grateful for the school I go to as it holds more exciting adventures and exploring the area in greater depth

  6. My favourite place in Marylebone is the local park as it has the climbing frames and I can run around and play with my friends.

  7. Without a doubt, my favourite spot in Marylebone is the park close to the school. I just love playing there and teasing my sister Fabiola.

  8. I like Regent’s Park.

  9. My favorite places in Marylebone are my school, because I met a lot of friends, and the Portman Square because there is a lot of space to run and play.

  10. My favourite part of Marylebone is the park. We have so much fun there and I always want to go on weekends or weekdays, post-school.

  11. I remember at the Christmas 🎄 lights, at Marylebone that my sister was singing 🎤”Oh I wish it could be Christmas 🎅 everyday…
    My best part of Marylebone is Paddington Gardens because I like to go down the big slide.😁

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