The Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age

Life in Ancient Britain was a very different story to life in 2019! Can you find out some facts about how people lived during Ancient Britain? You may like to choose one stage or write facts about all three!
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  1. There was no concept of smelting iron to make metal tools. With time, bronze replaced stone as the primary material for tools and weapons. People lived in huts made of mud, straw, animal skin and poo. There were 3 periods – stone age, iron age and bronze age. The bronze age went from 300bc-1200bc, the iron age went from 1200bc to 332bc and the stone age ended in 2000bc.They were all very long ago!

  2. People in the stone age live wildly because they live in caves and use weapons of their own and kill animals for food. The caves are used to protect the people from wild animals.

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  4. The Stone Age people made their weapons out of all the stone they could find ,they used the weapons for killing animals to use for clothes and food.This is why we call it the Stone Age.

  5. The Stone Age is considered to have begun about two million years ago, and ended sometime after the end of the last ice age about ten thousand years ago. The Bronze Age in Ancient China started around 1700 BCE . This was when men learned how to mine copper and tin to make Bronze weapons. The Iron Age is the final epoch of the three age division of the prehistory and proto history of humanity. It was preceded by the Stone Age and The Bronze Age. The concept has been mostly applied to Europe and the Ancient Near East and, by analogy, also to other parts of the Old world.

  6. The stone age people lived in temporary shelters made from branches , leaves and animal skins .
    Hunter-gatherers sheltered in caves but probably did not stay in one place for long .
    Ancient Britons used flint tools made with stones , to hunt animals

  7. 1. The ruins of the Stone Age village of Skara Brae lie in the Orkney Islands, in Scotland. People lived there from about 3100-2500 BC. The village had eight stone houses and a workshop with roofs made of thick moss.The houses were partly built below the ground to keep them out of wind.

  8. The first modern man Homo sapiens, emerged about 200,000 years ago. Homo habilis, who evolved about 2.3 million year’s ago.The stone “Flint” was most commonly used to make the stone tool’s in the Stone Age. Other than flint chert and obsidian stone’s were also used.

  9. The Stone Age marks a period of prehistory in which humans used primitive stone tools. 😀

  10. The people used to use animal skin to make clothes and houses and all sorts of things! 🙂🙂

  11. The period lasted roughly about 3.4 million years! 😯😯😯

  12. England was named after a Germanic tribe called the angels who settled in Central, Northern, and Eastern England in the 5th century.

  13. Stone Age people lived many thousands of years ago. They made many cave paintings in the New Stone Age. Some had elk,reindeer,buffalo, deer, lion and horses.🦁🐗🐴🐻🐃🐂
    Stone Age people made cave paintings using coloured rock to paint on the cave wall. They could have scraped it on directly. They used animal skin to make a little tent. 🏕 ⛺️
    They also might have used it for clothing👔👕👚👗🩱👛👖👞👢
    eating and making hats too! 🎩

  14. Stone Age people buried their dead. The Amesbury Archer was buried with a particularly lavish set of objects, arranged carefully around his body. Many of them were put into bags which have rotted away. These are some of the items the Amesbury Archer had with him: prize items including two gold hair ornements and 16 flint arrowheads. Archaeologists think that Bronze Age people believed in an afterlife. They buried their dead with items that they needed to take with them. Early humans probably communicated to warn each other when danger was nearby, or help each other hunt, but they may have relied on more than speech.

  15. In the Stone Age time they didn’t have such tall buildings- they had little huts or caves to live in. They were made out of bones, poo and animal skin.

  16. The Stone Age was divided into 3 periods: Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic.
    The Stone Age people used hammer stone to dig out nuts, seeds and bones to grind clay into pigment.❤️🤠👑

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