Our first wider curriculum topic for this half term is Marylebone!

We are focusing on geography this half term, looking at our local area and all the ways we can explore it! 

In our lessons we will be thinking about specific geography skills whilst looking at Marylebone and learning all about its key buildings. We will be learning about what an aerial view is, what it means to take an aerial photo and how this changes our perspective! We will be practicing our map skills, learning how to draw a simple map and how we can use this to identify buildings in Marylebone. During our lessons we will be learning and thinking about how to use directional language (e.g. near, far, left, right) plus how to use simple compass directions (North, South, East and West). 

We will be exploring the local area as a class, walking around Marylebone and creating a map, sketching and drawing what building and landmarks we can see on our way! 

I am excited to learn about the fantastic local area to our school, and learn lots of new facts and geography skills along the way. Read the questions below and post your answers on the blog. I look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas!

  1. Do you know where Marylebone is on a map?
  2. What buildings and landmarks do you know in Marylebone?
  3. What are your favourite places to visit in Marylebone?

8 comments on “Marylebone!

  1. We love to visit Wallace collection & explore art, along with the wonderful park’s surroundings Marylebone Regent’s Park we’re we see the change of seasons on our way to school.

  2. I know the tube station. I have not lived in Marylebone long so I don’t know many places .

  3. I love Marylebone. It is a lovely place to live .
    I am glad we have the opportunity to have such a nice place to live !

  4. I like Regent’s Park because you can watch all the lovely seasons and smell all the flowers. I also really like Paddy Street playground. I like playing with all of my friends.

  5. Yes I can find Marylebone on a map, it is north of Oxford Street.
    I know the Wallace Collection, and St Vincents School are great landmarks in Marylebone.
    I love to visit the Wallace Collection to see all the chandeliers and the clocks with pendulums.

  6. I am looking forward to the Marylebone Christmas lights. I love Marylebone especially at Christmas 👀💎🌲🍁💫💤❤

  7. I like Waitrose, and I like when my Mummy buys me Hot Wheels and snacks after school. I like playing in Paddington Street Gardens after school with my friends.

  8. Philippa year 4 says:

    Sounds fun Reception!

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